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I'm going to start out by saying that I'm thrilled to be an editor and all, but whats the point of giving editor status instead of just bumping up a few more mods except to just make the mods feel all warm and fuzzy and in control?

Looking at the Editor status, I can just hide things. We can't even scan for IP's to help out with duplicate account issues, or even give temporary bans to users acting up in chat.

I already made the comment earlier, that we don't really need more experts, we need more people to ban trouble makers, and hide questions / answers.

Well, we got half of that, but seriously. Just make a few more mods; instead of editors.

We took away editors and made mods for a reason. Scanning IP's and banning disruptive users needs to be open to more active users than just Swampert ( He's being more active now, but still not super active ) Will, ( He left ), and DT ( Also not super active, he gets on every few days, but doesn't stay on a lot ) and Trachy ( Only active at night ).

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Aww, what fun would that be? :D
Why not be grateful that Pokemaster promoted us to editors? If he feels that he needs more mods he will decide who he wants to promote.
I am grateful, I just don't really feel we needed editors.
We needed mods, I previously pointed this out in Trachy's old question about it.
It still seems rude, it seems like this: Pokemaster gave you a generous gift and you are saying that it is pointless and you want more.
I had the point before.

And I'm not asking to be promoted, heck. You could be the only one being promoted.
The point is, we didn't need editors, we needed mods.

I'm not going to say " Give me mod powers, editor powers aren't enough "

The post wasn't me asking for myself to have mod powers, I'm saying we didn't need editors, we needed mods. It's not that big of a difference, except for the power to ban, and find duplicate accounts.

I'm not being rude. I'm saying that we need mods, not editors.

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As I said in chat, personally I don't think this is necessary right now. Apart from the Shadow problem there is hardly any need for banning. We don't need an army of members trawling the DB for duplicate accounts and the like.

All the current mods do a might fine job, and I think the new editors are doing a good job hiding bad posts (which is our worst problem).

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