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I think we got it 99% correct, so thanks to everyone that helped, I really appreciate it!

The point of this post is just in case there may be a few mistakes. If you happen to notice anything you think is wrong, post an answer here and I will look into it. Answers will be hidden once corrections have been made (or rejected). Thanks to everyone who's contributed so far!

Please post answers instead of comments. Thanks.

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Here's some of what I think might be errors:
Snom - Snow + Nom (slang for bite)
Hatenna - Hat + Antenna
Drizzile - Drizzle + Reptile
Hatterem - Hat + Rim (a part of a hat)
Thwackey - Thwack + Monkey
Dottler - Dot + Beetle
I don't see how Dottler is Dot+Beetle.
I was thinking more of the 'tle' part of Dottler. Actually, now that I think about it, it could have something to do with the Doppler effect.
And also the Doppler radio
(Don’t know how to ‘answer’ on mobile - might just not have enough points on my account either - reposted as i put this in the wrong section)
(Sorry if the formatting is bad, first time posting a question on here)

Just found out about the Name Origin section.. looking through it, I noticed ‘zygote’ wasn’t in the Name Origin section for Zygarde, which confused me- I’ve always linked the two

According to Oxford, zygote means “a diploid cell resulting from the fusion of two haploid gametes; a fertilized ovum.”

>diploid cell
the zygarde cells!

first half of the word has the same pronunciation as the first half of Zygarde

>only three letters off
self-explanatory point

those are all the points I can think of right now, would be cool to hear others’ thoughts

>“please keep in mind that younger people don't know what a ZYGOTE is” -Mare the Hisuian Zoroark
I’ve known what a zygote is since about ten- most younger people would probably be using a site like Bulbapedia or something else higher in the search results anyways - theres an explanation of what each word means next to them as well
sumwun explains my point in a much shorter fashion - “I don't think Pokemaster is concerned about this issue. Even fewer younger people know what the word "luego" means, but it's still in Lugia's name origin section.”

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In the name Politoed, I suspect that the word "toed" (as in "having toes") is intentional.

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Is this thread still active? I'm sure there are a lot more things to be commented on, considering there are 890 different names, many of which are very obscure. That being said, I've compiled a short list for now:

  • Chatot may include "parrot"
  • Could Hydreigon somehow refer to "hydrogen," perhaps as in the destructive power of hydrogen bombs?
  • Since Salazzle is a Fire-type, "sizzle" may be part of the origin
  • Stakataka's entry doesn't mention the word "attack"
  • Cinderace may incorporate "race," since Raboot has a bit of a theme of running
  • Carkol is definitely "charcoal," not just "coal"
  • Hatenna might also have "antenna" in there, as its hat resembles one
  • This is a bit of a stretch, but the name Morgrem reminds me of the word "rogue," which fits thematically
  • Cufant could be derived from "cute" as well as the currently listed entries
  • Absol is more likely "absolute," referring to the power of the destructive event it forewarns, as well as "ab-" (prefix for not, as in abnormal) and "sol," together making "no sun," or an eclipse
Hydreigon's name refers to it's original design inspiration --- the Deino line was originally based on tanks and other war machines (hence the tank treads on it's stomach).
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Lapras' name is actually based on the mathematician Pierre-Simon Laplace according to bulbapedia

Also Primarina's name is more likely prima donna + marine since primarinas design has little to do with ballet

can you link us to the bulbapedia article? that seems like a very far reach for that to be lapras' name, its possible it was a dumb edit
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Cosmog: Likely comes from cosmos and smog, rather than fog. It just is much more of a good pun that I think it's what they meant.

Thwackey: Also comes from monkey.

Drizzile: Most likely comes from reptile, not prehensile. Doesn't have much to do with prehensileness, anyhow.

Nickit: Probably comes from kit, as in baby fox.

Thievul: The current one may be correct, but it definitely also comes from evil.

Mr Rime: Says that it's from rhyme, but since it's an ice-type, it's much more likely it comes from rime, a kind of layered ice.

Drakloak: Says it comes from dragon, but the K indicates it comes from drake.

But I don't think Theivul comes from Evil.
I do. Thievul evul.
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I think the name of Lunala comes from the word lunula, which is half-moon shaped visible part of the root of the nail.

Lunula (Article)

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Issue with Munna and Musharna's page

It says "muso" means "dream" in Japanese, when it doesn't. "Yume", also spelt as "夢" is dream.

I literally could not find any word close to "muso" anywhere, other than "miso" (a soup), but if y'all meant "mousou", that means "delusion".

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The definition of "feral" on Feraligatr's page describes feral as meaning "menacing, ferocious." This is not exactly the meaning of feral. I believe it should be something like "wild, untamed."

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Sable - while a kind of marten or small mammal - is also used to describe a shade of black (derived from the colour of the sable's fur) which is specifically used in both heraldry and - more poignantly - mourning. Its entry in Bulbapedia links nicely with this definition - "It is feared by people since it is said to steal a person's soul if they look into its eyes."

More appropriately however: "In a system of heraldry by gemstone occasionally used in the past for the arms of nobles, diamond was used to represent the color sable, or black".
Source (wikipedia)

In addition, sable (as in the fur) cloaks are indicators of wealth and status, as most fur coats would be, so there's a tenuous link between the gemstones and the name.

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I think Deerling is part "deer" and part "yearling" instead of "deer" and "ling".


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Should probably post in the answers section instead of making a comment.

I wanted to address a huge flaw in the origins of ponyta that no site seems to have gotten.
I'm fairly certain while ponytail does seem fitting that it's name is actually derived from the animal pony and then a corruption of the word niter(nyta) which is a flammable material used in gunpowder for instance

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It says Cloyster comes from a cloister, which is a religious cathedral, even though Cloyster is just a clam and an oyster. It probably was just a wrong definition though, as Cloyster is a a play on another type of cloister, which is to seclude or shell oneself.


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Thanks, you're right that definition makes more sense.
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I think that the second half of Bidoof’s name could, as well as what is currently listed, be based on the word “doofus”. I mean, look at the thing. Bulbapedia also has this listed as name origins. <the bulbapedia page

Comfey could also be based of Comfrey, a type of flower. It is used as a herb, though it’s also toxic.

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Jirachi's page says "sachi" is Japanese for wish.

Again, fluent. Hoshii/negai would be better terms for wish, and neither of those fit.

All the pages I found say Jirachi comes from 幸, sachi, and all of those mean "good luck" and "fortune". Not wish.

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According to Bulbapedia,
"Snom's voracious appetite in Pokémon Camp is likely a reference to Saturniidae biology, in which the caterpillars eat a large stockpile of food due to losing the ability to eat upon becoming moths."

I think that Snom could be:

Snow | frozen precipitation
Worm | soft bodied invertabrate
Nom | Slang for eating

I personally do not agree with Snom coming from "Moth", that's more it's evolution, Frosmoth for me.

I think it is probably Toxic, but Toxicity is another viable option I think.
"Toxicity: The quality or degree of being toxic". That's what I think.

I believe that it isn't Apple, but Apple + In. It's Sword Dex entry states
"It spends its entire life inside an apple". This means that it is a small Dragon of sorts living inside the apple. Just my opinion though, not sure if I am right :)

Just a small thing, "de" can mean of in some languages, so basically Togedemaru is Round of Thorns lol (Or Thorn of Rounds if you prefer)

Most likely comes from Dot and Doppler. Dot being, well, a dot, and a Doppler which I think is a kind of radio?

The fact that the name is Drakloak and not Dragloak probably means that the name is Drake-cloak not Dragon-cloak.

Simple change; "Arbol" is Spanish for tree. Arboretum is listed and makes sense, but considering the fact that Paldea is based on the Iberian peninsula, "arbol" seems like it fits just as well.

Hope this is alright :D

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Doppler is also an effect, the doppler effect.
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Tropius' name is listed as a combination of 'tropical' and 'saurus' - I'm not sure that suffix fits. There was a sauropod-like animal called Tanystropheus living in the triassic - '-tropheus/trophius' is a much more similar suffix, and the animal in question actually resembles Tropius more than sauropods do, as Tanystropheus was characterised as having a neck which exceeded the length of its body and tail. Tanystropheus was a marsh-dwelling animal, which fished in narrow rivers with its long neck - a marshy habitat intersected with rivers describes exactly the routes Tropius are found in. The piscivorous aspect of the animal is referenced, in my opinion, in the location of Feebas on the same route.
Tropius is a single-stage evolution. Tanystropheus was a relatively short-lived animal which existed after the most destructive mass extinction in history - the developers, I'm sure, would've been aware of this period of time, and I think that Tropius being a single-stage, unique Pokemon is a reference to the brevity of the existence of the animal. Also, given the precedent set by the designers of Pokemon for an affinity towards non-dinosaurian ancient animals (Aerodactyl being a pterosaur, Archeops being a proto-bird, the Cambrian fossil duo from Hoenn), I think it's more likely that Tropius was actually named after Tanystropheus.

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Appletun's name comes from Appleton, a toponym that means an orchard or place where apples grow, which makes since because Appletun is a apple pie. Appletun's name may also come from ton (referencing its bulk). It may also be a play on apple turnover or under, an apple dish.

Toxel's name also comes from toddle, which means a young child's unsteady walk. It may also come from little.

Applin's name also comes from tannin, a biblical serpentine dragon, which is why it is Grass-Dragon.

Eldegoss's name originates from edelweiss, a flower with a furry coat, which makes since because Eldegoss is covered in a furry coat.

Regidrago's name possibly comes from draco (dragon in Latin).

Sobble's name also comes from dribble, a word that means a thin stream of liquid; a trickle, which makes since because Sobble is the water starter.

Rookidee's name also comes from a species of bird called rooks. Rookidee's name possibly comes from kid.

Corvisquire's name also comes from the bird family corvidae, which makes since because Corvisquire is a bird. That also applies to Corviknight.

Wooloo's name comes from loom, a type of machine used to weave cloth, which makes since because cloth can be gotten from sheep.

Yamper's name also comes from ampere, the SI base unit of electrical current, which makes since because Yamper is an electric doggo.

Sillicobra's name also comes from silt, a granular material of a size between sand and clay, whose mineral origin is quartz and feldspar, which makes since because Sillicobra is a ground snake.

Arrokuda's name also comes from arowana, which are freshwater bony fish of the family osteoglossidae.

Sizzlepede's name possibly also comes from millipede, a type of bug.

Kartana's name may come from card, since cards are made out of paper. It may also come from curtana, a British ceremonial sword used at the coronations for kings and queens. It definitely comes from Kartana, which is Sanskrit for cutting.

Bronzong's name also comes from gong, a musical instrument, and bianzhong, an ancient Chinese musical instrument consisting of bells.

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"makes sense" not "makes since". My apologies if this sounds rude.
What do you mean?(Edit) Oh I see it.
Applin is a wyrm in an apple, as opposed to a worm in an apple.
That's why it's a dragon type.
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The entry for Rayquaza refers to a quasar as a distant star; this is incorrect. Quasars are quasi-stellar objects, and are actually the result of huge supermassive black holes at the center of galaxies. The light from the quasars is a result of a huge amount of matter in the accretion disk of these black holes.

I know my astronomy and whatever you wrote about quasars is half correct. Firstly, quasars are not quasi-stellar “objects”. They’re quasi-stellar radio sources, named as such because they were discovered through their strong radio emissions, but they’re visible in bright light, as you may know, too. They’re a part of the wide varieties of AGN, or active galactic nuclei. They’re not a “result” of the black holes, they’re “powered” by a supermassive black hole in the AGN’s core, which is surrounded by a monstrous accretion disk funnelling material in at a prodigious rate. The brightest quasars need to gobble up an equivalent of a thousand suns each year to keep the lights on. Whenever the AGN runs out of fuel which it needs to sustain the lights and emissions, they central region quietens down. Currently, the scientists are exploring the correlation between a galaxy and the mass of its central black hole. In particular, they are studying how the black hole’s role in gobbling up material eventually robs a galaxy of its chance to make new batches of stars. The central engine’s prodigious appetite seems to be causing its own eventual downfall as it runs out of fuel to keep accreting mass.

The reason which I believe the page mentions quasars as a “distant star” is because of quasar’s initial similarity to stars (emphasis on initial). They appeared bright, almost starlike, and their brightness would sometimes vary over a few days. However, it was hard to tell what they were associated with, and they were almost always very, very far away. eventually, Dutch astronomer Maarten Schmidt* (1929-*) looked at emissions lines from a quasar called 3C 273*. He pointed out that these lines were coming from energized hydrogen atoms and were highly redshifted (i.e., the spectra were shifted very far toward the red end of the spectrum). 3C 273 was not only very bright, but also very far away. Eventually, people realised that quasars are powered by extremely massive black holes consuming huge amounts of materials.
(*- Please note that I haven't re-checked the date(s) and the name(s). They might be incorrect, but I'm pretty sure I do remember them correctly)

So I think that it’s particularly common among the people who’re not familiar with astronomy to think of quasars as bright and/or distant stars. A mistake which needs to be rectified.

That’s all from me. Cheers.
If I could upvote a comment I would.
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I think Milotic is partially based on the word melodic. I know this might sound wrong, but Pokemon has never made a Pokemon a homophone of a word and not connect it somehow. Obviously, Milotic is not known to be a singing Pokemon, but it has had Disarming Voice as a level up move since ORAS. Milotic's design is obviously part mermaid and mermaids are famous for their perfect voices.

Idk just a thought

This is a big stretch. Only supporting evidence is the name and Disarming Voice, and there are multiple other Pokemon that can learn it despite having no connection to sound.
But is there another Pokemon that is a homophone of a word and isn't based on it in some way?
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Stakataka is Stack and Attack/Attacker.

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Poipole is, I believe, a combination of Pole, Poison, and (which was previously missed), Purple (Because it sounds the same)
Zygarde is derived from 'zygote'.
The site says Cinderace comes from 'cinder' and 'ace', but I think it is 'cinder' and 'race'.
Dottler is based on 'Doppler', a kind of radio.
I would say Toxtricity is from toxicity and electricity.
Hattena is a combination of 'hat' and 'antenna'.
In addition, Grimmsnarl's name is likely also derived from the Grimm brothers (because Grimmsnarl is based on legends of goblins and the like)
Comfey's name suggests the word fey, like fairies.
Totodile's name might derive from 'Toto', Dorothy's dog in The Wizard Of Oz. Just a thought, because the both have similar personalities.
Granbull might have 'Grandma' in it, because of it's kind, caring disposition.
Tyranitar is a tyrant in addition to a tyrannosaur.
Lairon might have 'lair' in it's name as it it extremely protective of it's home, or lair.
Archeops might relate to Cheops.

I think I am correct, so If you agree, please make these (slight) changes to your website.

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Just letting you know, the dinosaur Tyrannosaurus Rex literally means "Tyrant Lizard King" so saying Tyranitar is based on Tyrant and Tyrannosaurs is redundant