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I click on the picture button above the "text box" and enter a URL which I insert via the "Copy Shortcut" option when right-clicking a link, but when I post and answer/question, I never have a good result. I always end up with something like this...


Just a small little thing that I don't know if the site or the links it is to blame...

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but it seems to be working fine for me (I use Command-C)

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The picture system is working perfectly, you are not using the correct image URL. Here is what you used:


That is not an image, it's a page on Google. You need to either right click and click "Copy image URL", or click "View full-size image" to open the full image and copy it from there.

However, please don't post gigantic images like that on here because it massively slows down the pages. Just link to them instead.

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Ok, thanks! :)
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Find a picture on the internet you want to use, Copy "Image URL".
Go to your post, press Ctrl and G at the same time, or press the sixth little picture from left to right in the text editor under "Your Answer".
Paste (Ctrl and V) press ok and you should be good to go.

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