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Route 15 (Night Walk): Nidorina(2), Noctowl(2), Quagsire(2), Chansey(2)
Cliff's Edge Gate (Surf): Wooper(1) and Quagsire(2)
National Park (Night Walk): Hoothoot(1)
Ruins of Alph (Surf): Wooper(1) and Quagsire(2)
Slowpoke's Well (Surf): Slowpoke(1)
Celadon City (Super Rod): Grimer (1), Muk (2)

route 42 (Surf): Goldeen (1) and Seeking (2)

route 45 (HeartGold/ Walk): Graveler(2), Geodude(1), and Gligar(1)
route 45 (SoulSilver/ Walk): Graveler(2), Geodude(1), and Skarmory(2)
Dark Cave (Violet City side): Geodude (1)

Bell/Sprouttower (Night walk): Ghastly(1)
Ruins of Alph (Walk): Natu(1)
Route 6 (Surf): Psyduck (1), Golduck (2)
Route 38 (walk with magnet pull): Magnemites (1)
Route 43 (Day Walk): Flaffy(2), Girafraig(2), Mareep(1)

route 34/41 (Surf): Tentacool(1) and Tentacruel (2)

Route 7 (Walk in SoulSilver): Spearow(1), Rattata(1), Raticate(2), Vulpix(1), Meowth(1), Persian(2)
Route 7 (Walk in HeartGold): Rattata(1), Spearow(1), Raticate(2)
Route 9 (Morning/Day Walk): Rattata(1), Raticate(2), Spearow(1), Fearow(2)
Route 9 (Night Walk): Rattata(1), Raticate(2)route 30/31 (surf): Poliwhirls(2) and Poliwags(1)
route 33 (night): Zubats(1) and Rattata(1)
Diglett's cave (walk): Digglett(1) and Dugtrio (2)
Dark Cave (Surf, Violet City side)-Magikarp (1)

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Attack: Goldeen/Seaking (Surf north of Cerulean)
Defense: Geodude/Graveler (South of Blackthorn)
Speed: Diglett/Dugtrio (Diglett Cave)
Special Attack: Psyduck/Golduck (Surf north of Vermillion)
Special Defense: Tentacool/Tentacruel (Surf near Cianwood City)
Health: Grimer (Surf in Celadon City)

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There is one place that is good, Mount Silver. Dolphan raises attack and defence, while Onix, Tangela, and Graveler raises defense, Golbat, Ponyta, Rapidash, and Sneasel raises speed, Phanpy and Quagsire raises HP, Golduck raises SAttack, Misdreavus raises SDefense.
Mt. Silver has it all, but you need Rock Climb to get to most of the listed Pokemon. Most other places don't have all stats like Mt. Silver, so you'd have look around for EVs.

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