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I m just curious for mega blastoise.

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The exact moves that affect the Mega Launcher ability are not confirmed. But the moves with "pulse" in their name are: Dark Pulse, Heal Pulse, Dragon Pulse, Water Pulse.


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That makes the ability on Mega Blastoise pretty useless...
I would think so too. I like Mega Charizard the best.
Not really, Dark Pulse & Water Pulse will be powerful. If the boost is big enough i think this is pretty good, also if this thing has defencive stats heal pulse cud be an option in doubles, and i dont doubt with this new ability there will be more pulse moves. And there are probably some pulse moves without pulse in the name, i always thought of hyper voice as a pulse
Blastoise can learn Dark Pulse? And I'm still not very convinced that it is a good ability.
=/ it prolly cant, but like i said with new gen comes new moves. Trust mw there'll be a move or two that compliments this ability
It's not confirmed exactly what moves are considered pulse moves. There could be other ones like Psybeam or Sludge Wave.