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Hello !

I EV trained a hatched baby Growlithe. It is Jolly nature, and has the personality:
'Likes to trash about'.

I EV trained it by infesting it with Pokerus and I battled, after giving it a Power Bracer, 26 Patrat.
Then, I gave it Power Anklet, taught it Wild Charge and battled 20 Basculin.
Finally, I battled a Audino, for the last but not least 4 EV, that I invested in HP.

I levelled it until level 65, then I got tired. I went to the PWT to try it, and ... surprise !!

Here are its stats at level 50:

Arcanine @ Life Orb:
Trait: Intimidate
Level: 50
Purpose: Leader of my PWT team
EV: 252 Attack / 252 Speed / 4 HP
Jolly Nature

-Close Combat
-Extreme Speed
-Flare Blitz

And its stats:

ATK: 162
DEF: 85
sp.ATK: 105
sp.DEF: 86
SPEED: 160

The stats seems hack for me, although I NEVER hack nor cheat, in any Pokemon game.

So, is it glitch or perfect ?
Thank you ;)

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Yes - the attack stat of your Arcanine is currently perfect for a level 50 one assuming 252 EVs in attack, a perfect IV & a jolly nature. Good job! :)

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Also perfect IVs ?? Yay !! Thank you ! Could you check if Hidden Power would be 70 base with it or am I bothering you ?
Forget it. I calculated myself and it has Hidden Power Grass and the power is 62. I'm such lucky, with my favorite Pokemon !! :D
? 82 and 83 on Def and SpD? The minimum seems to be 85 on both with 0 ivs
Oh wait ... You are true !! I'm gonna check if I'm not false when saying it has 82 Defense and 83 Special Defense ...
For reference, your Special Attack IV stat is 29 or 28. Your speed is 29/30. Attack is 31, i dunno about hp and defense and spd seem glitched. :P
Wait ... It it normal ?

The Defense and Special Defense became 85 and 86, respectively, and the Special Attack stat reduced to 105 ...
Very strange, indeed. I'm scared ... Are there any glitch, or was I unattentive ?