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My arcanine is lvl 1. I want to do the wonder guard and burn up strategy but my arcanine not learn burn up when evolve.

What game are you playing?

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Ok, since you've given no mention of what game you're playing (lol), I'm going to go through every gen and try to help lmao.


You can get burn up by breeding an arcanine with a typhlosion (typhlosion must be male, arcanine is the opposing gender)

Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon

Same as Sun/Moon

Let's Go Pikachu/Let's Go Eevee

Cannot learn

Sword and Shield

Talk to the man in the Pokemon center, when it evolves, it learns burn up

Source: This and this, as well as experience

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Typhlosion SHOULD be male and Arcanine HAS to be Female if you want Burn Up Arcanine.
Actually, if you did research into egg moves, you would find this line from the bulbapedia page:
If either parent (only the male parent prior to Generation VI) knows a move that is an Egg Move for the child's species, that child will be born knowing the move.
So please only make comments that you are informed about
If the Typhlosion was female, wouldn't you get a Cyndaquil, not a Growlithe? Or am I missing something here?
That was exactly what I was trying to imply, Giru. Thank you.
I am so dumb. I appologize.