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I am wondering which Nature is best to deal with Volt Tackle so that it does as little damage to my Pikachu as possible? I heard Modest is the best Nature but I am not quite sure...

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What Toxicroak said is true, but there are ways to limit the amount of damage that is dealt to Pikachu by limiting the amount of damage dealt to the opponent

What you heard was technically true. Modest decreases the Attack Stat, so Pikachu's Volt Tackle becomes weaker - thus dealing less damage to the opponent, and also dealing less damage to Pikachu.. However this is useless, as it lets the opponent get another hit in and even if you kill them, the end amount of recoil you took would be the same as if you had just OHKOed them anyway.

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There is no best nature because the user recieves one third of the damage it dealt and as such no matter how many IVs EVs or which nature you have the recoil damage wont change
For example a if you used volt tackle and did 30 damage to the opponent you will recieve 10 damage as recoil no matter the nature IVs EVs etc.....

Source : http://pokemondb.net/move/volt-tackle

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