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Updated to Scarlet/Violet


Charizard: Rock
Butterfree: Rock
Paras / Parasect: Fire and Flying (and Poison in Gen 1)
Geodude / Graveler / Golem: Water and Grass
Magnemite / Magneton: Ground
Onix: Water and Grass
Exeggecute / Exeggutor: Bug
Rhyhorn / Rhydon: Water and Grass
Scyther: Rock
Gyarados: Electric
Omanyte / Omastar: Grass
Kabuto / Kabutops: Grass
Articuno: Rock
Moltres: Rock
Dragonite: Ice


Ledyba / Ledian: Rock
Wooper / Quagsire: Grass
Forretress: Fire
Yanma: Rock
Scizor: Fire
Heracross: Flying
Gligar: Ice
Mantine: Electric
Magcargo: Ground and Water
Sneasel: Fighting
Larvitar / Pupitar: Water and Grass
Tyranitar: Fighting
Ho-oh: Rock
Celebi: Bug


Marshtomp / Swampert: Grass
Beautifly: Rock
Nuzleaf / Shiftry: Bug
Wingull / Pelipper: Electric
Masquerain: Rock
Breloom: Flying
Ninjask: Rock
Aron / Lairon / Aggron: Ground and Fighting
Numel / Camerupt: Water
Vibrava / Flygon: Ice
Altaria: Ice
Barboach / Whiscash: Grass
Tropius: Ice
Relicanth: Grass
Corsola: Grass
Salamence: Ice
Rayquaza: Ice


Torterra: Ice
Shieldon / Bastiodon: Ground and Fighting
Wormadam: Fire (Plant and Trash Cloak) and Flying (Plant Cloak)
Mothim: Rock
Combee / Vespiquen: Rock
Gastrodon: Grass
Gible / Gabite / Garchomp: Ice
Croagunk / Toxicroak: Psychic
Mantine: Electric
Snover / Abomasnow: Fire
Weavile: Fighting
Rotom-Heat: Ground (when Levitate gets broken/suppressed by Mold Breaker/Gastro Acid)
Gliscor: Ice
Probopass: Fighting and Ground
Magnezone: Ground
Yanmega: Rock
Rhyperior: Water and Grass
Heatran: Ground


Palpitoad / Seismitoad: Grass
Sewaddle / Swadloon / Leavanny: Fire and Flying
Cottonee / Whimsicott: Poison (as of Gen 6)
Scraggy / Scrafty: Fairy(as of Gen 6)
Tirtouga / Carracosta: Grass
Ducklett / Swanna: Electric
Escavalier: Fire
Ferroseed / Ferrothorn: Fire
Pawniard / Bisharp: Fighting
Durant: Fire
Deino / Zweilous / Hydreigon: Fairy(as of Gen 6)
Virizion: Flying
Landorus: Ice
Genesect: Fire


Chesnaught: Flying
Fletchinder / Talonflame: Rock
Vivillon: Rock
Pangoro: Fairy
Inkay / Malamar: Bug
Binacle / Barbaracle: Grass
Amaura / Aurorus: Fighting and Steel
Carbink: Steel
Noibat / Noivern: Ice
Zygarde: Ice


Alolan Rattata / Alolan Raticate: Fighting
Oricorio-Baille: Rock
Morelull / Shiinotic: Poison
Salandit / Salazzle: Ground
Alolan Geodude / Alolan Graveler / Alolan Golem: Ground
Togedemaru: Ground
Alolan Sandshrew / Alolan Sandslash: Fire and Fighting
Alolan Vulpix / Alolan Ninetales: Steel
Alolan Exeggutor: Ice
Hakamo-o / Kommo-o: Fairy
Tapu Bulu: Poison
Lunala: Ghost and Dark
Nihilego: Ground
Buzzwhole: Flying
Pheromosa: Flying
Kartana: Fire
Guzzlord: Fairy


Galarian Zigzagoon / Linoone / Obstagoon: Fighting
Drednaw: Grass
Coalossal: Water and Ground
Applin / Flapple / Appletun: Ice
Snom / Frosmoth: Fire and Rock
Urshifu-Single Strike: Fairy
Calyrex: Bug
Calyrex-Shadow Rider: Ghost and Dark


Hisuian Decidueye: Flying
Hisuian Lilligant: Flying
Hisuian Growlithe / Hisuian Arcanine: Water and Ground
Hisuian Sneasel / Sneasler: Psychic
Hisuian Avalugg: Fighting and Steel


Meowscarada: Bug
Varoom / Revaroom: Ground
Glimmet / Glimmora: Ground
Brute Bonnet: Bug
Slither Wing: Flying
Roaring Moon: Fairy
Iron Moth: Ground
Iron Thorns: Ground
Chien-Pao: Fighting
Wo-Chien: Bug
Koraidon: Fairy
Toedscruel: Ice
Kingambit: Fighting

If Mega Evolutions count:
Mega Charizard Y: Rock
Mega Pinsir: Rock
Mega Heracross: Flying
Mega Scizor: Fire
Mega Tyranitar: Fighting
Mega Garchomp: Ice
Mega Abomasnow: Fire

Hope I helped!

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I am guessing this is your source: http://pokemondb.net/type/dual
Nope. It's checking each pokedex for every region and figuring out their 4x weaknesses
heatran x4 to ground type.
Ok thanks
Corsola is a gen 2 Pokémon. (as far as I know)
parasect used to four times weak to fire,flying, and poison in gen one but only regularly weak to poison gen two onward. just saying
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There's one other element that might be noteworthy to include here.

Pokemon whose only double weakness is to a move that alters the type chart

Flying Press
Deerling / Sawsbuck
Pirouette Meloetta
Mega Lopunny
Stufful / Bewear
Scraggy / Scrafty
Single Strike Urshifu
Smoliv / Dolliv / Arboliv


And getting even more niche, we could add...
Flying Press after the user has been hit with Electrify
Galar Zapdos
Rapid Strike Urshifu

There are other Pokemon who can be doubled by these moves as well, but have a standard type they fear just as much (for example, hitting Quagsire with Freeze-Dry when you could simply use Grass).

Late but" hitting Quagsire with Freeze-Dry when you could simply use Grass" Me In showdown random without a grass type :)