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I breed pokemon in the game and am pretty good at IVs and EVs and such. I have thought of a few good tactics, such as

  • Safe Guard and Outrage/Petal Dance/Thrash (avoids confusion ailment)
  • Mimic and Imprison (permanent Disables last move)
  • Swagger/Flatter and Psych Up/Haze (either gives you upped stats or resets theirs)
  • Defense Curl followed by Roll Out (makes roll out stronger)
  • Rain Dance and Thunder (Thunder never misses)
  • Belly Drum and Rest (works best with a chesto berry. Maximizes attack)
  • Sunny Day and Solar Beam (solar beam no longer needs to charge)
  • Endure and Flail/Reversal (makes the attack moves really strong compared to normal)

What are some of the best move combos that you have found so far? :D
Explain your choices, and why they make good combos.

Please read all the answers before posting, to avoid duplicate answers. Yes, all 100+ of them.

And no full on movesets either, there are separate questions for that :-)

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I think a snorelax with rest and snore (you can keep hp up and still attack)
supersonic and thunderwave (makes it hard for them to attack)
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Here is a good combanation: Have a pokemon use overheat, Close Combat, Draco Meteor, Hammer Arm, Psycho Boost, or Super Power. then have a pokemon like Crobat, Cofagrigus, Cryognal, Weezing, or Seviper use Haze to get rid of the lowered stats from the move you used. This could also work for lowered stats that your opponent used on you.
Another combo would be to have a Machop, Machoke, or Machamp with NO GUARD out and another pokemon with a OHKO move for always knocking out the opponent.

Actually the no guard only works on the machamp and the Pokemon that's attacking it, so ur 2nd Pokemon ex. Articuno with sheer cold will have the same accuracy it normally has ); I tried a team like that. I wondered y it missed, so researched it!!
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This could be good for lower tier double battles.
Have one Pokemon such as charizard with belly drum and max speed.
Then have another polemon with follow me holding focus sash
That gives Bellyzard a chance to use belly drum then use a powerfully move next turn without the chance of being killed the first turn unless the foes quiker.
Then Bellyzard uses moves such as earthquake paired up with a flying or levitating Pokemon.

These two could work alright i would recomend if using this strat to have maybe two follow me pokemon one for setup and one such as Togekiss that can support charizard on low health as well as dodge its earthquakes.
Other pokemon work well.

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pokemon not polemon
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Medicham & Dusclops Lead:

Pure Power Passover (P.P.P.)
Medicham (M) @ Focus Sash
Nature: Hasty (+Spd, -Def)
Trait: Pure Power
Role: Ability Pass

EV Distribution:
252 Atk
252 Speed
4 HP

  • Fake Out (very important)
  • Protect
  • Force Palm
  • Hi Jump Kick

U Mad Bro?
Dusclops (M) @ Eviolite
Nature: Impish (+Def, -SpAtk)
Trait: Pressure
Role: Wall/ Ability Switcher

EV Distribution:
255 Def
255 SpDef

  • Skill Swap (very important)
  • Protect
  • Pain Split
  • Toxic

GOD King
Slaking (M) @ Expert Belt/ Life Orb/ Muscle Band
Nature: Adamant (+Atk, -SpAtk) or Jolly (+Spd, -SpAtk)
Trait: Truant (not for long)
Role: Pure Power Receiver

EV Distribution:
252 Atk
252 Spd
4 SpDef

  • Brick Break/Hammer Arm
  • Night Slash/ Shadow Claw
  • Return/ Retaliate/Strength
  • Earthquake/Rock Slide

This move set is all up to you!!


Regi GOD
Regigigas (X) @ Expert Belt/Life Orb/ Muscle Band
Nature: Adamant (+Atk, -SpAtk) or Jolly (+Spd, -SpAtk)
Trait: Slow Start (again, not for long)
Role: Pure Power Receiver

EV Distribution:
252 Atk
252 Spd
4 SpDef

  • Fire/Ice/Thunder/Dizzy Punch
  • Bick Break/ Strength
  • Heavy Slam/ Eatrhquake/ Rock Slide
  • Whatever

This move set is all up to you!!

Method Behind The Madness!!

  • Medicham and Dusclops lead. Dusclops is bulky enough to take hits, while Medicham is frail enough to be taken out promply.

  • Medicham uses Fake Out on one Pokemon so he can only be attacked by one opponent, activating the Focus Sash if nessacery, while Dusclops uses Skill Swap on Medicham.

  • Dusclops now has PURE POWER.

  • Let Medicham attack with Hi Jump Kick. If he misses, it does not matter. You want him to faint. Dusclops can as attack well with Pain Split or Toxic.

  • Medicham faints. Send out Slaking or Regigigas. Use Skill Swap on Slaking/ Regigigas. Slaking/ Regigigas now has Pure Power, which DOUBLES (yes, 2x) the Attack stat, with no recoil or other consequences.


  • With Adamant and 252 Attack EVs and an IV of 31, your Slaking’s Attack is 466 at Level 50. At Level 100, 920!!

  • With Jolly and 252 Attack EVs and an IV of 31, your Slaking’s Attack is 419 at Level 50. At Level 100, 838!!


  • With Adamant and 252 Attack EVs and an IV of 31, your Regigigas' Attack is 466 at Level 50. At Level 100, 920!!

  • With Jolly and 252 Attack EVs and an IV of 31, your Regigigas' Attack is 419 at Level 50. At Level 100, 838!!


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is the calculation different or hav u made a mistake in lvl 50 = 466 and lvl 100 = 920, cuz 466 X 2 = 932?
Their max attack at 50 is 233 (233 * Pure Power = 466).Their max attack at 100 is 460 (460 * Pure Power = 920). You can check the link to be sure.

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Swagger / Confuse Ray / Flatter or anything that lowers stats.. Screech being the most useful here. Works well when combined with Pursuit.

Turn 1: 10% used Screech! - Opponent: Aww crap! I better switch out!
Turn 2: Opponent goes to switch out, but Pursuit hits for a great deal of damage.

Basically you're trying to force a switch then hit them before they leave.

Why to switch out because of the  Screech ?
If you have your defense cut in half, you can switch out into another pokemon and then defense cut is no longer there.

Same thing with confusion. If you switch out, it goes away.
but not everyone switches when they get hit with stat lowering moves;because most of them have either substitute or a move to raise stats them self...this also gives them time to set up so basically you just screwed yourself
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Whirlpool, Fire Spin, Bind, Clamp, Magma Storm, Wrap, or any other partial trapping move with Perish Song. The opponents would be unable to switch, Use Perish Song and then you switch out on the third turn. The opponents faint.
Politoed can use this, and more Pokemon, but I can't think of more at the moment.

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Here is a nice troll.
You need Zoroark, Mismagius, and Lucario.
1st turn: Lead with Zoroark(Sashed), and Mismagius last. Use Nasty Plot.
2nd turn: They see ghost, so they switch to dark. Use Focus Blast!
3rd turn: Use it again, they attack and see it is Zoroark, so they switch to fighting.
4th turn: Switch to Mismagius. They Switch.
5th turn: Switch to Lucario with Justified. Use Hi Jump Kick.

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Double Battle.

Zapdos and Gyarados

Have Zapdos have the Ability Lightning-rod and Gyarados Intimidate is better IMO for this but Moxie is also great.

Now Gyarados has only 1 weakness and anytime someone tries to use an Electric move on Gyarados, Zapdos gets a boost. Also if you use Intimidate your Pokemon get great bulk with both of them already having good base S.Defense they get an effective boost to their Defense. Because of this boost it actually safe to use D-dance on Gyarados to make him fast and have an even Higher Attack.

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Gyarados is weak to rock.
Yes, I said "has only one weakness" that weakness is rock. His electric weakness is nullified by Zapdos' Lightning-rod.
I need better reading skills.....
first: You can't legitly get a zapdos with lightning rod.

second: If you switch into zapdos, you do get the boost except if you switch back to gyrados, you lose it.

overall, I just recomend giving the gyrados a battery.
First: PO allows you to.
Second: It says DOUBLE BATTLE.
Third: You still take damage from Electric moves even with Cell Battery.
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Healing Wish + Retaliate

This makes an injured pokemon in team to regain perfect health, and strike back with double force (70 Base Power X2)

Warning : Does not work against Ghost Type Pokemon( unless in case of bull's Eye/ Ring Target).

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Drought ability with Overheat, Hypnosis, Nasty Plot. Only possible on Ninetales.

Overheat in the sunny weather is pretty deadly though the special attack loss is a bummer. Thats when you put them to sleep and use nasty plot to get the loss back. Now you are ready to attack full force overheat again. Energy ball is just there to cover ground and water weakness. Ill put this on the ninetales moveset question too.

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Ninetales has the ability Drought so why don't you put Solarbeam instead of Energy Ball ?
because its not so reliable when politoad or tyranitar switch in making it a 3 turn attack
This goes in the moveset question for Ninetales.
thats why i put one there to my main combo is nasty plot and overheat
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Flatter/Swagger and Own Tempo/Safeguard

To be used in double battles.

Pachirisu used Flatter!
Lilligant's Sp. Att. rose!
Lilligant's Own Tempo prevented it from getting confused!

You get a free stat boost with no harmful effects.

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Memento/Explosion/Self-Destruct + Retaliate on the next Pokemon to switch in.

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Serperior with the trait Contrary(Unreleased)+Leaf Storm=Deadly Killer on first turn

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Double Battle Strategy:
Use This With A Poke'mon That Knows Spite.
Use This With A Poke'mon That Knows Trump
Card. Ok So First Use Trump Card And After
Use Spite, Spite Will Lower The PP To Make
It Stronger And It Should Reach A Power
In The Range Of: 8O Which Is A Mostly
Double Battle Strategy AND, My
Best Candidates Are:

For Spite:

![][1] ![][2] & ![][3] ![][4]

For Trump Card:

![][5] ![][6] & ![][7] ![][8]

Hope I Helped! :)
[1]: http://www.pokestadium.com/pokemon/sprites/handheld/black-white/animated/442.gif
[2]: http://www.pokestadium.com/pokemon/sprites/handheld/black-white/animated/442b.gif
[3]: http://www.pokestadium.com/pokemon/sprites/handheld/black-white/animated/429.gif
[4]: http://www.pokestadium.com/pokemon/sprites/handheld/black-white/animated/429b.gif
[5]: http://www.pokestadium.com/pokemon/sprites/handheld/crystal/animated/199.gif
[6]: http://www.pokestadium.com/pokemon/sprites/handheld/black-white/animated/199b.gif
[7]: http://www.pokestadium.com/pokemon/sprites/handheld/black-white/animated/312.gif
[8]: http://www.pokestadium.com/pokemon/sprites/handheld/black-white/animated/312sb.gif

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In a double battle, use a Magnezone with Magnet pull and a Kecleon. Have Kecleon skill swap his color change ability to a desired target, then follow up with Magnezone using Flash cannon. This changes its type to steel, meaning it cannot switch out because of magnet pull, it gives them a useless STAB on top of eliminating their own, it potentially gives Kecleon a great ability considering some of the stuff out there, and it also locks in a potentially dangerous pokemon. Obviously carry moves super effective against Steel to bring them down.

OMG that is such a good idea! I need to use that in double battles every single time it is soooo going to be OP.
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Have a Slow pokemon with Assurance and Confuse Ray. Use Confuse Ray to confuse opponent. Just spam Assurance and if the opponent is faster and hits itself, You get the 2x bonus with Assurance.

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This strategie kills and if these two pokemon are your leads you can sweep entire teams.
(Only for use in double battles)
Ok so looking back at this strategie it works similar to Pikas idea where you spam surf with Gastrodon, just this is an idea thats leading off from my bum bait idea and this hits twice as hard.

Heatran (M) @ Choice Scarf
Trait: Flash Fire
EVs: 4 HP / 252 SAtk / 252 Spd (394 SAtk and 339 Spd)
Quiet Nature (+SAtk, -Spd)
- Eruption
- Flamethrower
- Earth Power
- Dragon Pulse

Typhlosion (F) @ Choice Scarf
Trait: Flash Fire
EVs: 4 HP / 252 SAtk / 252 Spd (317 SAtk and 439 Speed)
Timid Nature (+Spd, -Atk)
- Eruption
- Flamethrower
- Extrasensory
- Hidden Power [Ice]

Okay a Flamethrower from a Heatran hurts but an Eruption is deadly and as is Typhlosions.
So Typhlosion uses Eruption unfortunatly it gets reduced by 25% (Because of new gen5 double battle mechanics) but it is still dealing deadly damage thanks to stab and its sheer power.
This will hit all pokemon very hard already even taking around 25% off pokemon resisting it and the fact that it hits the whole field is a plus because not only are you hitting 2 opponents very hard but you also are giving Heatran a free 50% boost on its next move.
Now you have managed to suvive an Eruption from a Typhlosion with 317 SAtk now can you take an Eruption from a Heatran with 394 SAtk as well as having a 50% boost on a stab attack with 112 base power (Stupid new double battle mechanics) alowing it to deal super effective damage on a neutral effected pokemon.
Heatran is also scarfed making this couple a very hard double team to take down and if you manage that you will possibly loose many pokemon as the result.
But it can be countered but if you alow it to take your first two pokemon you have a few problems.
This is because now typhlosion gets a boost for its next eruption.
(Note that when using the Heatran set it is using quiet as that is the only compatible nature with Heatran that can leagally abuse Eruption)

Ok so Cresselia is common in double battles and posses no threat to the strat so its a good example.
Typhlosions(first Eruption on a calm 252 Hp 252 SDef) 21.8% - 25.9%
Heatrans(Now has flash fire boost) 40.8% - 48.2%
Okay now ive given you them stats you may be thinking thats rubbish but this Cresselia is the best special wall from Ou and down excluding Blissey and Chansey who are never used in double battles.
Heatran (Now on standard Zapdos) 124.6% - 147%
Remember that Zapdos has good SDef.

But nothing will suvive 3 Eruptions and ecen if they do there is over a 70% chance of a burn to finish them off but i doubt anything will suvive more than two.

Its good to use these pokemon as leads to avoid the uncommon rocks but ive been using them later on in the team a sive been using sun which brings there power to insane levels, but does decrease the chance of them being on the field at full hp at the same time.

Interesting... But don't forget E-Quake!!!
Quiet and Scarfed? You mean Timid, right?
Just have to say, add Sun.
Palkia and Kyogre will dominate this, but it's pretty cool! AFter all, all combos have their counters...
Only quiet heatran can learn eruption, thanks to TrollFreak
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Hammer Arm + Gyro Ball + Curse + Brave + Attack EVs + Golem = Destruction!!!

LoL nice one :D
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OK, this is pretty ballsy, but i think it could be fun.
This is a Double Battle Strategy!!

First, you get Exeggutor with Harvest & then your choice of Groudon or Ninetales(Drought).


Exeggutor (M) @ Focus Sash
Trait: Harvest
EVs: 4 HP / 252 Def / 252 SDef
Calm Nature (+SDef, -Atk)

- Skill Swap
- SolarBeam
- Stun Spore
- Psychic

Ninetales (M) @ Custap Berry
Trait: Drought
EVs: 252 SAtk / 252 Spd
IVs: 0 HP 0 Def 0 SpDef
Modest Nature (+SAtk, -Atk)

- Endure
- Dark Pulse
- Flamethrower
- SolarBeam

Groudon @ Custap Berry
Trait: Drought
EVs: 252 Atk / 252 Spd
IVs: 0 HP 0 Def 0 SpDef
Adamant Nature (+Atk, -SAtk)

- Endure
- Hammer Arm
- Stone Edge
- Earthquake

So here is what you do:

You send out Exeggutor and, for now, Ninetales. Ninetales uses Endure while Exeggutor uses Skill Swap on Ninetales(weather is already set up, so it won't matter.) Now, Ninetales has Harvest. Most likely, people want to take out weather leads, so it is knocked down to 1 HP or whatever as long as it is below 25%. Exeggutor is done. Now, next turn, Ninetales' Custap Berry will activate allowing it to go first. With Harvest, it will get the berry back every turn(as long as it is Sunny). Give it any attacks you think are good.


This can work on any Pokemon that can learn Endure. I just chose Ninetales & Groudon because of the instant sun. So if you choose a non-Drought Pokemon, setup sun beforehand.
Try using a Pokemon with low overall bulk. Groudon might not work too well because of his natural bulk, but hey.

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I like that Ninetales has Flash Fire :P
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An i have a combination to lock your opponent into a status move, which will ruin those boosters.


First send in a kadabra (or someone to set up stage one)and wait for someone to use a boosting move like Calm Mind. Then use Encore to ensure they keep using Calm Mind for a while. If they dont switch you can move on to the next step.

Switch into a Choice item pokemon(Band,Specs,Scarf, though the Scarf works best.) like this guy and have it use trick while the person is locked into Calm Mind. They are now stuck to not using that boosting move for the rest of the match.

P.S. i used these guys as an example because they are what im using one one of my NU teams.

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Until they switch out. Maybe specs or band, since you giving them scarf will just make them faster and can pose a problem for you. Imagine giving Scizor specs?? It's murderous.
yea it would
I would pair with mean look...
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Good for stealing other teams advantages

1.Have a pokemon that has skill swap
2.You just so happened to run into a rain/hail/sand storm/sun team
3.wait until he switches some of his pokemon that can gain stats in certain weathers like swift swim/sand rush/snow cloak/solar power
4.use skill swap and BAM!! you ended up getting the advantage

The chances of success are very low but higher in certain tiers like NU

NOTE:make sure the pokemon with skill swap can take some hit just in case their pokemon is faster than you and can hit hard