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I breed pokemon in the game and am pretty good at IVs and EVs and such. I have thought of a few good tactics, such as

  • Safe Guard and Outrage/Petal Dance/Thrash (avoids confusion ailment)
  • Mimic and Imprison (permanent Disables last move)
  • Swagger/Flatter and Psych Up/Haze (either gives you upped stats or resets theirs)
  • Defense Curl followed by Roll Out (makes roll out stronger)
  • Rain Dance and Thunder (Thunder never misses)
  • Belly Drum and Rest (works best with a chesto berry. Maximizes attack)
  • Sunny Day and Solar Beam (solar beam no longer needs to charge)
  • Endure and Flail/Reversal (makes the attack moves really strong compared to normal)

What are some of the best move combos that you have found so far? :D
Explain your choices, and why they make good combos.

Please read all the answers before posting, to avoid duplicate answers. Yes, all 100+ of them.

And no full on movesets either, there are separate questions for that :-)

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I think a snorelax with rest and snore (you can keep hp up and still attack)
supersonic and thunderwave (makes it hard for them to attack)
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Have a pokemon with pickpocket such as weavile hold a rare bone (100 fling damage) and teach it fling. You use fling and then there is a good chance that you pickpocket the foe's item, letting either reuse fling, or keep it if it is beneficial, or does very little fling damage.

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Encore + Torment. Like Mew's Encore + Disable, but more Pokemon can learn :)

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Put a Metronome as an item on a Poke'mon and then use either
Rollout or Ice Ball. Metronome will power it up since it was used
Consecutively. Not many will agree that Rollout/Ice Ball are Good
Choices of moves but I suggest you should still try this.

Or use a choice band/scarf
OK ^_^
Fury Cutter too
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The cruel Thief + Fling. Steal an item, then chuck it at them!

+1 for comedy value, even though it's probably not that effective in battle.
Lol Amazing  combo!
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Why not some crippling combos:

  • Toxic + supersonic/confuse ray = guaranteed increased damage every turn and a possibility for damage
  • Swagger + leer = more damage when it hurts itself because of higher attack and even more damage because of lower defense
  • Shock wave + supersonic/confuse ray = lower the opponents speed, possibility for opposition self damage, and a high chance of not your opponent not attacking at all

On any/all of these you can then leech seed the opponent to regain hp every turn while they take damage either occasionally or every turn depending on which strategy you use.

Just be aware of pokemon with the ability guts when applying statuses because the attack will increase, but supersonic/confuse ray will add the possibility of that higher attack being used against them.

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THE ALMIGHTY Double Battle Strategy


Raikou @ Life Orb
Trait: Volt Absorb
Evs: 4 Hp / 252 Spa / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
~ Discharge
~ Hidden Power Ice
~ Substitute
~ Calm Mind

Don't even ask. They do not have to be shiny.

Jolteon @ Life Orb
Trait: Volt Absorb
Evs: 4 Hp / 252 SpA / 242 Spe
Timid Nature
~ Discharge
~ Signal Beam
~ Shadow Ball
~ Hidden Power Grass

The Strategy:

Use Discharge when your health is low and you can attack the opponent as well as heal yourself! You would never die! You Can easily recover from the recoil use by doing this.
[1]: http://sprites.pokecheck.org/s/243.gif
[2]: http://sprites.pokecheck.org/s/135.gif

Until a ground type comes in and is unafected by both discharges, and is scarfed or something and uses earthquake
right. well a scarfed ground type is the only thing stopping me because of jolteons high speed it would probably outspeed whatever its hitting
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My own double battle stategy!!
So, you send out electivire (with motor drive) and jolteon (with volt absorb)
1. Have Electivire use protect while Jolteon uses magnet rise.
2. Use discharge with jolteon to up electivire's speed. Then, use earthquake with Electivire and jolteon wil remain untouched.
3. repeat step 2 until magnet rise runs out. then, use step 1
Doubles only!!

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Shuckle (Ability: Sturdy, Held Item: Rock Gem) - O EVs Speed, 252 Defense, 252 Sp. Defense

  • Trick Room
  • Power Trick
  • Stone Edge
  • (Any Attack of Choice)

  • Wall first attack by opponent (Shuckle has the lowest speed of all Pokemon, so the first step shouldn't be that hard)

  • Use Trick Room
  • Use Power Trick (This will switch Shuckle's abysmal attack stat with it's high as hell defense)
  • Sturdy the next attack by opponent (This is surefire but is difficult. If you Shuckle does not have Sturdy, though unreccomended, use Focus Sash)
  • Stone Edge + Boost by Rock Gem = Instant Kill
  • Since Trick Room is still up, continue using Stone Edge. After that, Shuckle is pretty much a sitting duck

This isn't really a technique, but it is quite a decent gimmick. Just don't use against Ground or Steel Types with high defense.

If you take a hit on the 1st turn, Sturdy will no longer activate.
Of course, it could be set up if your opponent is locked into a non-damaging move from Encore... Which means this could actually work ^_^
Pretty cool!
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Note this is a double battle strategy

A pokemon with Anger Point as a ability. Take Primeape for example. Pair him up with a pokemon that can learn Frost Breath or Circle Throw. They always result in Critical Hits. Anyways the pokemon i will be using is Frosslass. Have Frosslass use Frost Breath on your . Watch as your primeape get Anger Point activated and you get max attack and you can even give primeape something like a Choice Scarf to make it faster. Now sweep with your massive attack.

*Switches into resistant Pokemon
Lolz *Primeape used Close Combat* *Mew sent out Frosslass*

"Frosslass come back" "Go Rotom-W"(Holding life orb) "Rotom-W used Trick" Now Primape has a Life Orb and Rotom-W has a Scarf. Sweep with Hydro Pump kill the others with Primeape
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Rest+Shed skin=Full heal!!
(Every turn, it has a 1 in 3 chance of healing from a status condition like sleep)

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Swagger + Mean Look/Spider Web + Screech.

Galvantula Watchog Umbreon and Smeargle can use this combo

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plenty of others as well.
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To eliminate the threat of weather leads eliminating your weather, get a Pokemon with the Move Entrainment as it gives them a different ability for the remainder of the battle thus making your weather dominate.

I use Loppuny myself, Durant is better but with Traunt is WAY too Haxy.

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Thunder Wave + Hex + Smelling Salt
Hypnosis/Dark Void/ Sleep Powder + Hex + Wake-Up Slap

Annoys your foes!

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Substitute and Disable.
Works great for fast Pokemon like Gengar.

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Cosmic Power + Bide
Cosmic Power makes your Pokemon bulkier, and be able to take more damage and return it with Bide with 2X power.

wouldnt increasing bulk cause you to take less damage per attack which would cause you to return less damage ? the only way to make bide stronger would be to increase the hp of a pokemon which can be done by using wish
I think the idea with this one is to be able to survive more hits. If you have lower defense the opponent might KO you before you get to retaliate.
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Yawn + Pursuit

When you use yawn your opponent will be likely to switch out on the next turn, but when you use pursuit it will go before the switch and double the power.

Works well with STAB and defense/attack lowering/raising, experiment with different combinations for some stronger power!

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This is actually very clever! Either they go to sleep, or take damage.
This is really good, I would have never thought about it.
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In Triple/Double battles have pokemon with the ability Storm Drain.The best choose is

Then use again and again Surf .While you are hitting the foe, your Gastrodon is getting more Sp.Att. and the power of Surf is awesome.Also when Gastrodon hits,gets STAB.Works best in Triple Battles .

That's why I love Surf.

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I also love SURF, and GASTRIDONS!
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This one kills.

Magic Guard + Cosmic Power.

Switch in on a wall or staller, set up Cosmic Power many and many times, and then youare invincible! Watch out for phazing...

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This one Boushes xD

You need a gliscor holding a toxic orb and poison heal...o ya fling too

Act 1:

Gliscor gets into battle with a opponent whos not poison/steel/unaffected by poison

Gliscor happily absorbs toxic orbs power

Gliscor:Aw its empty here you can have it Fling

Opponent:Oh thx...Gets badly poisoned...

Gliscor Uber Pwned xD

Do some Acrobatics at the end for a finishing touch. XD
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I haven't see this one, so I'll post it:
1. Use a Linnone with either silk scarf or life orb
2. Belly drum, this will max this Pokemon's attack
3. Extreme speed, this attack make any other Pokemon couldn't attack him with a very powerful strike
4. Repeat step 4 until either extreme speed have lost all its pp, life orb eat all his hp, or the enemy use ghost-type

Hope this help

if the opponent plans on attacking you after you used belly drum you're screwed
Well, you can end the weakness of this one with the sitrus berry or leftovers, its a risky tech, but can beat a lot of enemy with it