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What is the chances of finding a shiny horde with, these:
Answer 1 With Shiny charm with sweet scent
Answer 2 With shiny charm without sweet scent
Answer 3 Without shiny charm with sweet scent
Answer 4 Without shiny charm without sweet scent
(By without sweet scent, I mean with the chances of finding a horde in the wild regularly)

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Im pretty sure it's either Answer 1 or 2. Perhaps even both.
Shiny Charm can be very helpful.
No, I meant what is the chances with those
Oh k.
But im pretty sure that answer 1 and 2 have the highest chances.
That's insane.

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You have a 1/4096 chance of finding a shiny. So for finding five shinies you would have to multiply 1/4096 by its self 5 times. So 1/4096^5. This overflows most calculators, but the awnser to your question is 1/1152921504606846976

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This is the actual right answer. Do you guys even know probability?
Forgive my nitpicking, but I added in a few extra numbers for consistency.
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Based on the responses on the internet and my own experience - since I have the shiny charm, it is highly unlikely, or even impossible to encounter a horde with all 5 being shiny.
Sweet scent just lures Pokemon faster and increases the encounters of hordes, but your chances still stay the same whether you use sweet scent of not. But, it might help since your increasing the probability of finding at least 1 shiny - not 5.

Hope I helped! :)

I think he was just asking out of curiosity. Even if it was probable, you can't even catch more than one horde Pokemon.
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Sweet scent does not increase shiny chance, it only makes you get a horde.
Answer 4
Shiny chance: 1/4096 in X/Y and onwards

Shiny charm increases chance by 300%, so
Answer 2

For answers 1 and 3, finding a horde naturally is a 5% chance if you step in grass if the area can have hordes. Just take the numbers from 2 and 4 to get the answer.

Hopefully this is correct, or at least close to the answer. I might have messed up with something because I am not the best at math, but if any math experts notice its wrong, I will change or hide this

Either way, its a really small chance.

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I believe you divide by 3 not multiply
no it is multiply
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Basically how much it takes to see a kraken according to professor von drake in the short "wonders of the deep" which is available on YouTube.
Which is probably a million zeroes (Drake got swallowed by a clam in the short, so he could not be heard) 3.1.
Your supposed to multiply it by its self, fools. So it's 4096^5 meaning you have a 1/1152921504606846976 of finding five shinies in one horde.