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So for example raising your evasiveness to their max and using abilities. That they will more than likely survive the setting up process. Please show the probability of getting hit from a move with 100 accuracy.
P.s other from Shedinja @( 'o' )@ Thank you.

Evasion tactics are generally frowned upon in competative battles, and Smogon have banned them completely in most of their metagames. This question is still all legal but bare in mind this strategy is quite rare because of how luck based it is.
why is it banned?
it's banned because it's super annoying and super unfair. Just raising a tiny bit of evasion can immediately make you win the game.
That's why there are moves such as haze and the foe can copy evasion with psych up. /forgot telekinesis is also available on mons.
The evasion boosts also lengthened the game by a mighty margin, and it just didn't work out well in the end.
Also to mention the complete lack of skill involved in the strategy. A baboon with no hands could rely on the luck of constant misses to win games with any team to pull it of. Also it forces you to run Haze & C.O to deal with the evasion, hampering teambuilding options.

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Anything that can boost it's evasion/somehow stop the opponent from attacking will give the opponent a hard time hitting it. Following are two examples (one is legal, the other though...):

Togekiss @ Leftovers
Ability: Serene Grace
EVs: 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe (varies as per the set's bulkiness)
Modest/Bold Nature
- Thunder Wave/Body Slam
- Air Slash
- [filler]
- [filler]

This thing was one of the most rage inducing Pokemon ever, because it utilized what they call, "ParaFlinch". In this strategy, the opponent is first Paralyzed rendering them unable to attack 25% of the time and considerably slowing them down. Then it is followed by a flinching move, in this case Air Slash which get's a 60% flinch chance from Serene Grace.
Here's the probability of it getting hit after it's set up:

Original chance of move hitting = 100%
Chance of move after paralysis = 100 - 25% of 100 = 75%
Chance of move hitting through flinch = 75 - 60% of 75 = 30% chance

And yeah. That was the legal example.

Froslass @ Bright Powder
Ability: Snow Cloak
EVs: 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
- Hail
- Thunder Wave
- Confuse Ray
- Attract

NOTE: This is not legal in smogon format since it has Snow Cloak.

People are gonna hate me for even mentioning this one e.e
Here's how disaster begins: First, Froslass comes under Hail, so it gets an evasion boost from Snow Cloak. Then, it continues to Paralyze, Confuse and Attract you. It probably won't happen though. But after that, well, you've got no choice but to wait out the Hail and/or switch out, because there's no way you're thinking straight if you're trying to attack. Here's the odds:

Original chance of hitting = 100%
Chance of hitting after through Snow Cloak = 20% of 100 = 80%
Chance of hitting through confusion = 50% of 80 = 40%
Chance of hitting through paralysis = 40 - 25% of 40 = 30%
Chance of hitting through infatuation = 50% of 30 = 15% chance

Hope I helped!

Or just scrap attract and put up an attacking move. Attract is conditional and 30% is good enough.
It's just an example :P
Anybody who's about to use that in competitive would get royally screwed by a good opponent.
That's true
Royally screwed XD
Run a king's rock with that togekiss and it's even worse....
Actually, King's Rock no longer boosts flinch rate of moves that already have one. One of GF's finest works :')
Or Worst... q_q