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I've chose Rowlet and I have pretty much made it through the game. I plan on resetting sometime soon, and I really want to try Popplio. Or would Litten be a better choice?

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Primarina is the best starter for the Elite 4 because it's super effective on two members and normal against the other two (unless you give it shadow ball, covering a third member)

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It is all in the eye of the beholder. Primarina has the lowest Attack/Defense stats and is tied for the slowest Gen 7 Starters. Gameplay wise, Hau will choose Litten (final evolution is weak to both of Primarina's STAB moves), and Kukui will battle you with Decidueye (Ghost attacks regularly against Water/Fairy), so when you battle Kukui, it will be easier since he has all STAB moves that with the other starters. If you choose Litten/Incinaroar, Kukui will battle you with Primarina (Both STABs are super effective), and Hau will choose Rowlett (Both of your final STABs are super effective againt Decidueye's). If you choose Rowlett (my starter), only one of its final evolution STAB moves are super effective againt Hau's Primarina, and both of Kukui's STABs for Incinaroar are super effective against your Pokemon. If you add all of Primarina's weaknesses together, it adds up to 17 points. If you add up all of Decidueye's weaknesses, it will be 19. If you add up Incinaroar's weaknesses, it will be 18. Primarina has 3 weaknesses. Incinaroar has 4. Decidueye has 5. Every ending starter is immune to some type, But Decidueye is immune to more types of Pokemon (by 1), and they are more common than the other types. Primarina and Incinaroar have 6 resistances, while Decidueye has 4. Primarina has the highest Special Attack/Defence, Incinaroar has the highest attack/HP/defence, and Decidueye is faster (which is what I chose it for) and is more popular. So in conclusion, Primarina isn't as bad as some people say it is, and all the starters are good ones. It is just a matter of personal preference.

Sorry if it is grammatically incorrect or confusing; I blame the fact that I did this late at night

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That's a really good answer! You don't have to blame yourself because it is still good. :)
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Litten is statistically the best starter for for Sun and Moon, besting Popplio because Primarina is weak to poison type moves/pokemon, which are really common with team skull grunts and other members. Being weak to poison is a big disadvantage, so choosing Litten is a better choice. But in the end, it's really your choice. Hope I helped!

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I picked Popplio first and he turned out to be very good as a Primarina. If you have Primarina though, MAKE SURE IT DOESN'T KNOW ANY DEFENSE MOVES except maybe sing. It will be very good in battles if you keep it strong. It can also learn hydro pump, and if you use TMs on it, it will be able to learn Psychic and Ice beam. Litten is also strong and my Incineroar knows flamethrower and flare blitz so it is also a good choice. The reason why I'm not choosing for you is that it's really your choice and also I somehow ended up with all of the starters on my strong team so I like Incineroar, Primarina, and Decidueye. They are awesome and all learn awesome moves.

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I always choose popplio in sun and moon because of how good this damned thing is. In my Pokémon moon nuzlocke it is the best choice because the league suddenly becomes a joke, with Primarina being amazing against Halas entire team, all of Olivia except for relicanth, Acerolas sableye and pallossand( water compaction does nothing if you use special moves and blizzard/ice beam will do the job nicely ), kahili's entire team except for Skarmory if you have ice beam or blizzard and easily can take out mandibuzz with a moonblast and coverage for Crobat with psychic. So, if you do the math, Primarina is amazing against:
Hariyama, Poliwrath , Crabominable, Primeape, Bewear - Hala 5/5
Probopass, Lycanroc ( watch out for z move ), carbink, golem (watch out for thunder punch), Also relicanth if you taught it energy ball). Olivia 4/5
Sableye, Dhelmise (Be really careful with this one - only if Primarina knows ice move) and Palossand(be careful with GIGA drain). Acerola 3/5
This only works if primarina knows ice beam or blizzard
Toucannon, Mandibuzz ( Moonblast will 1 hit ko), oricorio(EZ with surf/sparkling aria),crobat but be incredibly careful with the crosspoison. - Kahili 4/5
So, primarina is good against 16/20
This is the Moveset I used for primarina:
Energy Ball/Scald/Ice Beam/Blizzard/Psychic. Psychic is only recommended for Kahili. (All TM's so you can alternate)
Sparkling Aria/Surf (Sparkling aria if you are going to use the Z Move, Surf if you want extra PP because they are basically the same thing. I recommend using sparkling aria until the ELITE 4 unless you have tons of Ethers and stuff like that)
Moonblast (Just an awesome move. Not a TM so don't replace)

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