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I checked all over the Internet and I couldn't find out how to enter Pokemon Little Cup. I would like to give it a try but I don't know how to get to it. Is there something you have to download for it?

Can you please go through the steps on exactly what to do and how to join? I'm a little confused.

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There is a game called "Showdown" and it is just a competitive pokemon battle simulator and one of the formats is called "LC" and LC stands for Little-Cup so try that. It is free.
Little Cup isn't really a tournament, it's a battle format where you can only use the lowest evolutions.
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First of all, go the a website called Pokemon Showdown. Tap the play button and then create a username. On the settings button at the TOP right corner, you register your account so that you can play on multiple devices. Then build a LC team of your choice in the teambuilders section and put the format as LC. Go to the main page again and choose the format as LC by clicking the format button. Then your LC team will appear in the team box. Tap the battle button and you will face someone online who is also playing LC. Make sure to use LC Pokemon only. Check Bulbapedia and Smogon for more information. You can also learn about LC here

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That is exactly what I do.
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