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What types are Ground/Dark types, Water/Ground types, and Ground/Steel types weak against? I keep trying, but, so far, I haven't been about to beat him.
The Pokemon I have on me and their moves are:

Tepig - Tackle, Rock smash, Strength, and Flamethrower (Item: Rocky Helmet)
Lillipup - Dig, Tackle, Attract, and Bite
Purrloin - Grass Knot, Fury Swipes, Pursuit, and Cut
Pidove - Gust, Air Cutter, Air Slash, and Quick Attack
Blitzle - Quick Attack, Flash, Flame Charge, Shock Wave
and a temporary Ducklett - Aerial Ace, Bubblebeam, Air Slash, Aqua Ring

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What levels are your Pokemon?
I think the easiest way is to give Ducklett and exp. share and keep challenging and losing to Clay until your Ducklett reaches some higher level. Then, have the Ducklett spam bubblebeam.
@Hellfire Taco

my pokemon are now,

tepig - lv 33
lillipup - lv 27
purrloin - lv 23
pidove - lv 33
blitzle - lv 31
ducklett - lv 32
Why haven't you evolved your Pokemon? All of them excluding Ducklett are past the level they can evolve at.
@Hellfire Taco

because i like them the way they are
We answer your questions based on the assumption that you think beating the game is more important than using Pokemon you like. If that's not true, then we can't help you.

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I assume that you're after a strategy to beat Clay with what you have, rather than backtracking for more advantageous Pokémon. I like doing things the hard way too, so let's see what we can do.

Pidove may be the best lead for Krokorok, and I suggest giving it that rocky helmet; Tepig won't need it here. Crunch makes direct contact whereas Bulldoze and Rock Slide do not. (Since Lillipup is useless here, you could try risking attract here if it's female.) Spam Air Slash and hope for the best. Would it outspeed a level 29 Krokorok at level 33?

You'd want to bring in Purrloin at full health to take on Palpitoad, which means staying with Pidove until it faints, or possibly sacrificing Lillipup as well. (Tepig can also learn Grass Knot but it's a risky play.) There's not much power, but 4x always hurts. Ducklett can help if necessary since it resists water and is immune to ground.

Excadrill has Rock Slide for flying type coverage. Can your Blitzle outspeed it? You might be able to get lucky with Flash. If you can take its accuracy down, you have better odds of evading attacks, especially Rock Slide. If you can get it on a clean switch, Lillipup's attract could also be employed here, again if it happens to be female. Ducklett would have to spam Bubblebeam and evade rocks, Tepig's flamethrower should do good damage but Bulldoze and rocks will cripple it. Those two are really your only offensive options here, so if you can tweak the odds with status moves, it may help.

You may need a little luck, but it doesn't look impossible.

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Perhaps you are trying to spice things up by going evolution-free? Or even spicier and also banning Pokémon that don't evolve?

yeah, something like that *in this game anyway*  (the first question, i mean :) )

and yes, my lillipup is female :) *all of my pokemon are female in this game ^^ *

Krokorok  took out pidove after a few tries of air slash & air cutter & gust *he took her out by confusing her with swagger*  *i'm sorry, dove-chan*

lillipup took out krokorok with attract & dig

ducklett took  out Palpitoad  with bubble beam

when blitzle tried to use flash, excadrill took out blitzle with bulldoze  *i'm sorry, blitz-chan*

lillipup took out excadrill with attract and dig

* i won ^^ *
You won with Lillipup? That's crazy, bravo to you and your team! I had assumed that Bulldoze would hit underground Pokémon but apparently not (everyone makes mistakes).

If it were me doing a no-evo run, I'd be taking advantage of the rather powerful single evolution Pokémon (Bouffalant, Druddigon, Cryogonal, Durant, etc.) that Unova has to offer, but you might be getting a little attached to your team now. There may be some tough decisions ahead. And, yeah, status moves are good. Remember Whitney's Miltank? That fiend knew Stomp, Rollout, Attract and Milk Drink. I lost a male Geodude to her on my first attempt.
@  bulbasaur_ggd

thanks ^^

yeah, i know whitney... in my case, first it was on heartgold :)

recently on white, i got a new surfing pal in alolomola and replaced ducklett for her :)
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You have a bad team for this gym, I have to just say that. Your best bet is to get either a good grass type or evolve you tepig for pignite and use it against the krokorok and excadrill (both weak to fighting). The palpitoad is a different story. If I were you, I would catch a sewaddle and grind until you get leaf balde or what you think is a suitable grass type move. A leavany is highly recommended for this gym because it is strong against two out of the three Pokemon.

If you want to keep your old Pokemon, grind, grind, and more grind. You shouldn't have a tepig at this point and should have evolved at least 3 of your Pokemon.

Source: Source: Serebii and Pokemondb pokedex

I think Pansage would be better than Sewaddle because it has less weaknesses.
That is true, but that pansage may not be as useful after clay, so he may want to get rid of it after that.

i like tepig more :)

& my purrloin has grass knot :)
In order to become a Pokémon Master, one must evolve their Pokémon. Even if you love their pre-evolutions, your love and method of evolving them will make them grow stronger, especially the evolution part.
@menace How is Simisage less useful than Leavanny?
@Jason You can't assume the vulpixheart person wants to become a "Pokemon Master". Even if he/she/it does, it's possible to become a "Pokemon Master" by playing LC.
The term"Pokémon Master" was meant as a fun reference to the anime. I did not mean it literally. I meant this by saying to just evolve your weak Pokémon.

just now, i was thinking that maybe i will go catch a swadloon to evolve into leavanny for leaf blade :)
That's your best bet

Simisage doesn't have a four times weakness but has horrible defenses and not the best movepool.  Also, leavany can use string shot and basically out speed most things.  Leaving also has a better attack stat.