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I am planning on breeding a full-crit Absol (Super Luck + Scope Lens + high-crit attack) and was wondering what would be best for it's final move slot. Here's the spread so far:

Absol @ Scope Lens
Super Luck
• Protect
• Night Slash
• Psycho Cut
• ???
+252 Attack +252 Speed +4 HP

I was wondering which move could fill up it's last attacking slot. Shadow Claw is good coverage, full accuracy, and 70 base power, the same as the other moves I'm running. Stone Edge, on the contrary, provides a massive damage spike with 120 base power but a fatal chance to miss. Which would be better for my Absol? High but risky damage or reliable power?

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You should probably have swords dance instead of protect, and scope lens instead of focus sash.

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Definitely Stone Edge. Shadow Claw's coverage overlaps with Night Slash a lot and only hits 14 more Pokémon supereffectively. Stone Edge allows you to hit an extra 209 Pokémon supereffectively and gives much better neutral coverage.

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Thank you for your insight! I'll definitely use Stone Edge!