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I can't Lomi Lomi massage and I haven't done it in days! help me!

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I think it becomes disabled if you change your 3DS's clock.
Have you adjusted the time on your 3DS?
I think mabye you should write something more attracting for more people to answer
I have not changed the time on it..
Have you put your game card in another system besides your usual one?
I have no other system and I don't know anybody who does...
Maybe the pokémon you’re trying to massage already has max friendship?? Idk. I’m pretty sure it automatically chooses the first slot in your party.

What does she say to you
She says "You had a lomi lomi massage today come back tomorrow"
She says this every single day!
How long have you been playing? Maybe it's based on real-time.
I have 100 hours into Ultra Moon xD
Every real life day I go back there
Did the time ever pass 0:01 or 12:01
if you reset/changed the time on your 3DS, you'll be locked out of time based events for like 2-3 days.
Did you check the 3DS to make sure its clock was working correctly?

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Nearly sure you have changed the time settings on your device. That results in all time based events including festival plaza facilities to be shut down for a few days (I don't know why).

This question is old but with no accepted answer, so I gave mine.