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In the main series games, they can be found in many of the same areas, and they are relatively close to each other in the Pokedex. Many of Minccino's Pokedex entries talk about how they are clean freaks, so could it be a predator-prey relationship with possible coevolution (Darwinian evolution, not Pokemon evolution)? Or do they just happen to prefer similar environments?

This has got to be, like, my 10th question about this evolutionary line by now lol.

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Their Pokedex entries don't say anything about being related, and they have different evolution methods, so I'm pretty sure nothing like this was ever made official. I'm going to flag this because it might be unanswerable.
Perhaps it's a commensalism relationship, where Minccino cleans up, Trubbish picks up what Minccino dumps away.
Edit: sumwun, it's stated in the question he was not talking about Pokemon Evoultion.
For clarification: "coevolution" in the real world refers to two or more species influencing each other's evolution, for example, in many predator-prey relationships in nature, the prey evolves traits that prevent it from being eaten, and in response, the predator will evolve traits to get around it. However, the adaptations often take hundreds or even thousands of years to become widespread, and Pokemon like Trubbish, which is said to be a mixture of domestic and industrial waste, may not be old enough as a species to have undergone many major changes in its biology.
We already know that some form of Darwinian evolution exists in the Pokémon universe exists thanks to Alola forms, and we know that it can be influenced by other Pokemon in the environment, as seen by Rattata becoming nocturnal to avoid its main predator, Yungoos.
I understood when writing this question that it may indeed be unanswerable, I was just wondering if there is any official information on the relationship between these Pokemon.
Also I'm a girl :P
Tiny change of wording should make this answerable no matter what the solution is.

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The evidence supporting the existence of a relationship like this is pretty vague, so I think it's safe to say no. Still, it's possible that some game designer intended for the two species to seem related. We may never know.