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I'm running a Sticky Barb at the moment, but does anybody have any other suggestions?

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What format are you using this Sigilyph in?
Just in the Battle Tree

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I think the best item for an offensive Sigilyph would be a life orb. It powers up all of Sigilyph's attacks and doesn't damage Sigilyph because of magic guard.

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That's a good point :P
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Flame Orb with Psycho Shift, Cosmic Power, and Stored Power is probably a better choice, as you can hand out free burns to the opponent without taking any damage. Cosmic Power lets you slowly increase your defenses while increasing the power of Stored Power.

I run the exact same set...
Thank you! This is very helpful.
I've just realised that since that's an Egg Move and I'm playing in-game so... yeah. Still helpful though :)
You can breed for egg moves if you really want to win at this. I remember breeding for dragon dance on a Bagon so I could win at the Battle Tower.
True, true.
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Life orb is a very good choice because you get to choose any move and you get x1.3 damage with no drawbacks. However, I prefer Choice Specs because it gives you a x1.5 boost, which allows you to get a much higher damage output. It's mostly up to preference, with Life Orb being the more popular choice, I prefer Specs. Actually, you could also run Scarf to boost its speed tier into the 140 range, allowing it to outspeed many things, including most legendaries due to the majority of legendaries having only mediocre speed. Whatever item you choose, I hope it serves you well in the battle tree.

You certainly have made some valid points, thanks :)