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What are shiny Pokemon useful for, compared to normal Pokemon in the games? Once I've caught any shiny Pokemon, what diffrent uses do shiny Pokemon have? Are they more powerful than normal Pokemon in battle? Is more tool Pokemon than normal Pokemon? Any idea for useful Shiny Pokemon in the game battle?

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There is no difference between a regular Pokémon and a shiny Pokémon other than cosmetic appearance and the value placed on it by players. If this is unsatisfying to you, you could offer it on a trading forum for something really valuable, since a shiny for a legendary or fully competitive Pokémon is usually a fair trade (although comp legendaries and mythicals are a bit too much for just a shiny).
However, as a shinyhunter myself, I feel inclined to warn you against doing this carelessly. Your question description suggests to me that you probably don't quite understand the value people place on shinies, and I have seen very many sad stories of inexperienced players trading away a shiny without knowing how valuable it was and coming to regret it.

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I wonder traded my shiny Togepi bcs I didn't understand it is shiny
how to use shiny pokemon?
Do U think they are a toy? They are just a normal pokemon
Not always. For example, a shiny Gyarados would be a water flying Pokemon, not a normal Pokemon.
I didn't mean normal type