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I’m thinking of resetting my Sun and choosing Rowlet.But which fire type should I use?

Salandit, because of dragon rage (level 13)
They both are good.
Salazzle might be better because it has 2 types, but according to Smogon they're about the same.
I would use Arcanine.
It depends if you need a special attacker or a physical/mixed attacker.

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Salazzle for sure

arcanine is mainly used bulky but I dont think your gonna breed for a morning sun arcanine. are you?

It's not like Salazzle can learn morning sun any more easily. Arcanine also has intimidate.
even if salazzle got morning sun it is too frail to use it
So if neither of them can learn morning sun easily, then how is Salazzle better?
Idk probably because of her speed
you need more information than on why it's better this
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Salazzle is probably the better option.

  1. Salandit has access to Dragon Rage at Lv. 13. This can OHKO many Pokémon early-game, and makes up for the fact that Salandit's stats aren't the best.
  2. Salandit learns Toxic at Lv. 29, which is a great move for widdling down Totem Pokémon. You also don't have to wait until Aether Paradise to get this move on one of your Pokémon
  3. Salazzle's evolutionary line has two types, which is great for in-game.
  4. Salazzle is faster than Arcanine, which is also good for in-game
  5. Arcanine is a stone evolution Pokémon. This means that once it evolves, you won't be able to learn very many moves by level up.

Arcanine is still a good option...

  1. Arcanine can get Intimidate, which is useful in much more situations than Corrosion is. Corrosion is good in USUM because of Totem Togedumaru, but it isn't as useful in SM.
  2. Sallazle is very frail, which can be a nuisance in-game.
  3. It can be annoying to evolve a Salandit into Sallazle, as Salandit only has a 12.5% chance to be female.

...but I still prefer Sallazle.

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