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My team is:

I don't know what to use for my last remaining slot. I do have Yellow, so I can use time capsule to get Gengar. I am leaning toward either Gengar, Persian, Umbreon, or Dragonite, but let me know what Pokemon (does not have to be one of those four) you guys think I should use.

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Dragonite takes a long time to evolve, so most likely not Dragonite. Should I answer this?
Yes plz if you can. It can be any pokemon for the last slot btw
Okay, this might take a bit.
Gengar is the best one. The other 3 all either take a long time to evolve or have bad stats. Umbreon isn't good because using it as a tank slows down the game.

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This is my evaluation of who you should use on your team.

Dragonair doesn't evolve until Level 55, so if this is ingame you probably are not going to want to use this thing.

Meowth evolves at Level 28, so it's safe for ingame. Though stat-wise and move-wise, it's really not that good. It's best stat is its speed, which could utilize with only a better movepool. Also, TMs were a one-time use in the older games so it might be best not to use them on Persian, unless it's going to be your ace of the team.

It seems like you lack a good tank on your team. Eevee evolves to Umbreon from friendship and when it is night time in your game. Umbreon gets Toxic and Moonlight, which is a pretty good combo on Umbreon. Though Steel types are a problem, so that's the only downfall with Umbreon.

Gengar is a good Pokemon, but lacks a good movepool in Gen 2. It needs a lot of TMs to go a long way. The elemental punches and Night Shade are pretty good, but you are better off with an Alakazam.


  • Slash/Return/Hyper Beam
  • Iron Tail
  • Shadow Ball
  • Hidden Power Fire

This thing has the worst movepool I have ever seen. I had to use 3 TM moves to make this set even possible. I really don't recommend this thing.


  • Hyper Beam/Outrage
  • Fly
  • Ice Punch (yes, I know it's a special move in Gen 2)
  • Iron Tail?

You know, Dragonite also lacks a good movepool in Gen 2. Hyper Beam is for high physical power, but Outrage is for Dragon STAB but is special in Gen 2. Ice Punch is good for the champion. Iron Tail is ice coverage. (though you might not outspeed said Ice Pokemon.)


  • Toxic
  • Moonlight
  • Mud-Slap (the only Steel coverage move :P)
  • Feint Attack

Umbreon is here to stall. Toxic the opponent, then keep healing until you are out of Moonlights. Mud-Slap is the only Steel coverage move, aside from HP Fire/Ground/Fighting. Feint Attack is just for STAB, didn't know what else to put.


  • Fire Punch
  • Thunder Punch
  • Ice Punch
  • Night Shade

All of the elemental punches are special in the Gen 2 games, so Gengar is a good choice to put the elemental punches on for in game. Though Gengar lacks a good Poison or Ghost STAB move. The best option I found was Night Shade which doesn't even get STAB, but it's still good as a move. Now, keep in mind that Haunter evolves from trading.


  • Psychic
  • Fire Punch
  • Thunder Punch
  • Ice Punch

This thing is amazing. A good STAB option, a good special attack that can be utilized by its awesome speed, and it's great in game. Psychic is for STAB. Fire Punch is Bug coverage and is special. Thunder Punch is just a good special move to put on Alakazam, and it's the same with Ice Punch.

Hope I helped!

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