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I defeated Black 2 a year ago and decided to do another run of it in challenge mode, but this time all the Pokemon on my team had to be from gen 5. I have a lan for my team except a water type. I want a water type that can learn surf and waterfall. Swanna and Jellicent I ruled out since I already have a ghost and flying on my plan. So any suggestions for a good water type from gen 5? I don't like repeat typings on my team btw. Feel free to offer some feedback on my plan team.

My plan team:
Serperior(My fav starter from Unova)

lol i love answering gen 5 questions :)
You want to use the same pokémon for fight and HM tasks?
Watrerfall and Surf are powerful moves to use inabattle

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Reading your comments I believe you want one that is not post-game it seems?
Well, the only one that have then there is not dual type with any type you are already using and is from generation five is Simipour in that game. However if it could use post-game pokémons, pokémons from another generation that also have there or even dual types using the same types you are already using I would sujest something else.

But according to what you are asking, this pokémon is Simipour.
It can learn both surf and watterfall, as you want (however I would not advice, especially if you want to beat in hard mode)

As for the movesets:
For standarth

Nature: Modest
Ability: Gluttony (Is the ability that you can have if you gonna catch it on the wild, make good use of this ability in places like battle subway is easy, just let it hold a berry with good effect for what you want, like for example a berry that increase special atk in a pinch, but in-game it could be a little difficult, but with the criteria you want, it has to be this, In-game let it hold the berries that can give it some support but you have acess, like preventing sleeping for example, as is easy to get)

Hydro pump
Rain dance
Focus blast

It could be difficult to EV train in the in-game team early/mid game, but if you ever get some of the drinks that raise stats, focusing in special attack/speed.

For covering Partners
Nature: Timid
Ability: Gluttony (same case as before)

Hydro pump/surf
Rain dance
Focus blast
Blizzard/Ice bean

EV (same as above)

For backup/support
Nature: Calm
Ability: Gluttony (Lum/chesto/Cheri/Persim berry)

Double team

EV in Special defense/speed


I'l never advice to use the same pokémon that fights to do HM tasks, it limit you too much but if you really want do this. The following setup is not terrible for both things:

Nature: Rash (since increase spl attack but doesn't dreacrease the attack stats since will be needed)
Ability: Gluttony (same as The first two movesets)

Focus blast

EV in Special attack, attack, speed.

(Just a reminder, i'l never use this last moveset, i'm just trying to be nice and help you the way I believe you want, but the moveset who really would do greath would be the first three ones)

Hope I helped, have a good day!

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Thx! Think I will have taunt or rain dance instead of Focus Blast tho. And ice beam for blizzard
I think the best water Pokemon isn't Simipour, because Basculin is better. Their stats are almost the same, so that shouldn't matter when comparing the two. The thing that makes Basculin better is adaptability, which makes Basculin's water attacks 4/3 times, or about 1.33 times, as strong as Simipour's. Basculin also learns crunch on top of the surf, waterfall, scald, and ice beam that they both get, which makes Basculin a lot stronger against Caitlin, Shauntal, and everything else that's weak to dark.
Simipour has better everything except defense. Panpour also has crunch
Basculin's ability effectively make its attack stats a lot better than Simipour's.
Your opinion is welcome but with all due respect, i have a different opinion about this and i believe you wrong sumwun.
Can you explain why you believe I'm wrong?
In resume, i believe that both pokémons are very good, and each of them are better than the other in some things and worse in anothers. And each can do some things that the other cannot that are all equally important, and about this question in particular i think a pokémon which can be a little more versatily and can serve one of the same and a bit more purposes than Basculin like Simipour would suit better the giving situation. Have a good day!
Why can Simipour have more versatility? Why can Simipour serve one of the same and a bit more purposes?
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Name: Basculin
Availability: Mid Game, Route 6, 70% (Surf)
Stats: Basculin has good Speed and offensive stats, allowing it to be a decent mixed attacker. Its defenses are poor, however.
Typing: Water is a good offensive and defensive type. There are plenty of regular trainers with Water-weak Pokemon out there, though it isn't as useful against stronger trainers.
Movepool: Basculin starts with Surf, and it learns Aqua Tail fairly early. Combine that with Adaptability and you have a Pokemon capable of 1-2HKOing most Pokemon you encounter effortlessly. Basculin also gets Blizzard/Ice Beam, Double-Edge, and Crunch, but it will be using its STAB moves most of the time.
Major Battles: Unfortunately, Water isn't particularly helpful against the last Gym Leaders. Basculin's better match-ups are against Shauntal and Grimsley since both carry Water-weak and/or frail Pokemon on their teams. It can also take down Iris's Archeops and Aggron.
Additional Comments: You should always use Adaptabilty on Basculin because it provides it with impressive sweeping potential against regular trainers.


Simiour has better stats than basculin, but slightly less defense. Think I will go for Simipour.
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Carracosta should be the perfect Water type for your team. It can learn both Surf and Waterfall, and can serve as a wall for your team. Its abilities, Sturdy and Solid Rock, are good. HOWEVER, to get Carracosta you must trade from Black/White, get it from the backpacker in Relic Castle(BW), then revive the Cover Fossil in Nacrene City.

Source- Experience

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Carracosta is post game
you asked for a water type from gen 5, that learns both surf and waterfall. You said not to include jellicent, or swanna. The fossil for tirtouga is in Relic castle, talk to the backpacker
its not post game.
"In Pokémon Black 2 and White 2, the former Gym Leader Lenora will give the player either Fossil when they reach Nacrene City later on in the game after defeating the Elite Four. "
A direct quote from Bulbapedia
oh yeah nvm. i was confusing it with black. sorry!
Think you could do one that no require trading. Thx if u can!
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Starmie is the best choice because it has a good base and moveset:
-High Sp.Atk and Speed
-Moveset: Thunderbolt, Icebeam, Scald, Psychic
*Can learn Surf and Waterfall

I already chose a best answer
Also the question asked for a Gen 5 Pokemon.