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This is competitive, right? What format?

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Amoongus is good because it serves as a great wall. Its Special Attack is good, it has great coverage, like Giga Drain and Synthesis, its HP is amazing, at 114, and its defenses are good. Plus, it has Regenerator as one of its abilities.

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I',m pretty sure its not "coverage" if its STAB. Good answer though.
I mean the two aren't mutually exclusive. Sometimes you don't use a STAB move if it gets poor coverage.
You forgot to mention it’s ability to shut down threats with spore which is arguably what differentiates it among every other Pokémon in its role
actually i prefer regenerator, for competitive purposes
Rengerator is an ability. Spore is an attack. You can use both.
you're probably getting confused between spore and effect spore
oh, oops! you're right
Basically everything CrazyCradilly said + th efact that in doubles, an Amoonogus using rage powder, can give a chance to the ally Pokemon to set up and use a move like swords dance or calm mind or something.