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I am asking this because I had a chain of 8 Kangaskhans, and then one fled. Will my chain continue if I obey all the rules again, or will it end because of one tiny flee?

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I’m pretty sure it breaks the chain. Can’t you test this yourself?

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If any Pokemon flees from you, regardless if you chained it or not, your chain will break.
Running from any Pokemon, regardless if you chained it or not, your chain will stay.

Your chain will also break if you close the game or catch a different species, even of the same family.

Source: Shiny hunting like 30 shinies in Lets Go Eevee

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I can confirm that this is 100% correct
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The following break the chain

  • Running from one of the Pokemon species you're currently in a combo for (you can run from other species to maintain the chain)
  • Letting a Pokemon run away from you, which happens if you take too long to catch it.
  • Catching a Pokemon of a different species to the one you're currently chaining
  • Saving and exiting the game


Running away from any Pokémon will not break the chain, even if it’s of the Pokémon you’re chaining.