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My Decidueye has a Bold nature whit a hyper trained Attack of 250.
I drained the Sp.Atk EV wise completely and put it into Attack . Now its 265
but is there another way to make the Attack stronger?
What do I do?

Have you considered hyper training?
What do you want to do with this Decidueye?
Just breed with ditto till u get a good nature.
1. I've used the Hype and Stat Modifications
2. this is the Decidueye that I started with. So I want to use him for battles In-game and Online.
3. I'm keeping the moveset for him because That moveset suits me well. I'm still deciding If Roost or Synthsis.
When you use it online, is it singles or doubles? Are there any Pokemon, moves, or abilities that you're not allowed to use?
I think you should just breed a new one.
Do you want it for in-game or competitive? As far as I know, its pretty meh in competitive. Ive seen some defensive sets that use Careful / Impish that have some pretty good bulk.
This doesn’t answer the question. Also, he stated above that he wants to use it for both in-game and online battles.

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Breed for nature. Walk around when the egg says its nearly hatching, save and if its not the nature you want, soft reset and hatch it from where you saved

Are you sure the nature is set when the egg hatches? It might even be set sometime before the egg is laid or received.
Yeah, this strategy does not work. The stats of an Egg are set when it is obtained, probably to prevent this precise kind of abuse.
@Fizz I don't think that's quite right either. If it was, then swap breeding wouldn't work.
Swap breeding is RNG abuse, which is a different thing entirely.
The strategy worked for me. Not rowlet but i don't think it would make a difference which pokémon is hatching.
That's strange. Are you sure you saved after receiving the egg?