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Is it good? Because it's fun to make the opponent think it's a physical attacker. My moveset is Heat Wave, Toxic Hyper Voice and Shadow Ball. Its EVs are 252 Special Atk/252 Defense and 4 Special Defense with Ghostium Z and its IVs are perfect except for its Attack.

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What gen/format is this? But regardless of that I'm not really sure what you'd exactly be achieving. Yes, the surprise factor...but is it worth sacrificing the base 135 atk for 95 spa. Not sure what the nature and ability is for the Flareon but you might want to invest some speed EVs
If it's holding Ghostium Z...
This is for competitive, right? What format?
its definitely not worth using

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It's not worth sacrificing that 130 attack just for the chance an opponent will think you're running Flare Blitz. In the past generations, it was all but required because Flareon's physical movepool was disgustingly bad, but nowadays running a special set on one of the worst Pokemon in the game is a pretty bad idea, regardless of format.