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I would like to complete the Pokedex in Black/White and Black2/White2. However, with DS servers long been shut down. Thus resulting in the GTS no longer functioning. Is there any possible way - other then using cheat codes - to complete the dex legitimately?

My first theory is back transfering Pokemon from ORAS and X&Y. But I don't know if the pokebank will allow it to happen.

For some added context: My goal is to 100% complete Pokemon black and white after I beat black once for transfer abilities - I will then reset and transfer that roll to Pokemon black 2 or white 2 - . I will move all the Pokemon from that game to Pokemon, white, white 2, and black 2. (eliminating the need to complete the dex 3 times). As due to a time crunch, I am using an action replay to make of the abismal exp gain in this generation.

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You can trade with other copies of BW or BW2 using local wireless networks.
This might prove useful: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Sh0AZR-tKwM
Also no, Pokémon Bank will not allow you to transfer Pokémon from XY or beyond to BW/B2W2.
It is hard since gts etc has been taken away, however, you can trade infared and i think you can use pokemon bank, so you would need some VCs but dont quote me on that.
Use Nintendo DS wifi exploi, then find people from reddit to help.
@blackace what is this exploit, and is there a tutorial video said exploit?

@OrangeTerrariaYT What do you mean by VCs?
Ok the exploit is pretty simple, and it turns out you can connect to the GTS with the exploit. You have to set your DNS  to And then load up your gen V game and you should be able to connect to GTS, although you may have some errors at first.
@blackace thank you! I will check that out.
Hope it works!
I'll let you know if it does, will be sometime before I can though, I will be using Pokemon black to do it.
You can still trade without the GTS. Getting Zoroark and Zoura in B/W, on the other hand...
Are you completely unable to trade with another real game?
Does this count as not answering a clarifying question?
No, unless you can explain how lacking that info makes this unanswerable. It's reasonable to give an answer covering both circumstances.
Didn’t he say he has an Action Replay? What more does he need...
I'm guessing he/she/it is allowing him/her/itself to use Action Replay to get free experience but not generate Pokemon. People can play games using whatever rules they want.
@falsbenguy2211 More like had...after 7 years the thing finally gave me a red screen. SOB! ;_; As for getting Zoura...I now damn well I will have to cheat to get his ass...******* hate that in all of the 5th gen games that didn't put a single god damn repeatable encounter with Celebi.

@sumwun true I just like adding the classic parameters to some things, as I said before the exp gain in the pokemon games is trash across the board. Like they really need a grindable mob similar to metal slimes in Dragon Quest. Extremely hard to KO but give a metric truck ton of exp.

To answer your previous questions, I do in fact have multiple consoles and copies of both version for almost all generation. Missing Black 2, Pearl, and Ultra Sun currently. Yes I would count this as a clarify answer. ^_^
Why don't you just trade any unobtainable Pokemon from your other Generation 5 games?
I would...if I had them still... :_: i sold them all like an idiot.
So what do you have now?

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All you need to do is transfer Pokemon from previous generations to your game, if that is not possible then no you can't complete the pokedex without cheating unless you have registered every Pokemon from previous generations. If you could obtain every Pokemon you lost in previous generations then your pokedex could be completed.

I'm pretty sure the asker was asking about the BW Pokedex, not the national Pokedex.