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I just caught Virizion and I don't know which Pokemon to replace it, can you help me?
My team :
Haxorus - lvl 48
Wailord - lvl 41
Arcanine - lvl 41
Serperior - lvl 41
Sigilyph - lvl 40
Gigalith - lvl 40
Pls help me , Thanks

I'd say replace Serperior because otherwise they will stack weaknesses. You might also want to stop using Wailord, Arcanine, and Gigalith so you can put all your experience into your stronger Pokemon.
Honestly I wouldn't even use Virizion as it's the worst of the Swords of Justice and your team is already looking really good. But if you REALLY want to use one of the SoJ, go with Terrakion, which can be caught after you reach Route 22
Isn't Virizion still stronger than Serperior?
I use Arcanine, Wailord because I give HM Surf and HM strenght to follow the plot (for example, the sea uses Surf, stone in the cave, I have to use strenght) can you give me an opinion to continue stories without having to worry about this issue
In that case, you can keep them in your team but not use them in battle.

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I will suggest you to replace Virizion with Serperior. Because I believe Serperior is the Weakest Pokemon starter in Black/White. Serperior only has one type i.e Grass type this type has many weaknesses such as Fire,Flying,Ice,Bug & Poison type moves are super effective against grass type Pokemon. also if you look at base state of Serperior the only state that is over 100 is its speed state other than that there is no state over 100 which is not good.
Hope my answer will gonna help you.

My Seperior did just fine in Unova?