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I saw many videos on YT showing how to get shiny mew. I followed them correctly but... nope. Just want to complete the pokedex.

Why did you go on YouTube instead of look up the location on a fansite?

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No, there is no way to catch Mew in generation 6 outside of an official Nintendo event.

Source: Experince (over 500 hours on my copy of X)

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Yeah but 500 hours on X isn’t exactly a good source. I have around 500 hours and I’m still finding stuff.
You're still finding stuff but you're not finding a freaking Mew
There's never been an ingame Mew in the history of Pokemon, not to mention X/Y were released nearly 6 years ago and you think during all that time there was some secret Mew that no one found?
There was an ingame Mew under the truck.
Nice meme
I never said anything about finding Mews. I just said 500 hours can sometimes be unreliable.
It's impossible to give a source that proves something *doesnt* exist. Not every answer needs to have a link to bulbapedia or some other site for it to be valid
Then technically Mew would have not existed.
The database is also wrong. There is a Mew glitch all the way back in 1998, where you need an Abra. So :P
What do you mean "Mew would have not existed"? Have you heard of event Pokemon?
Well it needs to obtainable somehow...
Have you heard of event Pokemon? You still haven't answered that question.
The database is not incorrect for excluding encounters that only occur through glitches.
Worth mentioning here: Mew was completely inaccessible in the original Ruby and Sapphire until it was distributed in a event, almost three years after the games originally released. So in a way, yes you're right, Mew didn't exist. It's not a prerequisite that you can encounter Mew in every game. That rings true for X as well.
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Hello CharivoirAndCamertwo,

The 1998 Mew glitch is not legit on the Pokemon Yellow version in 3DS since it will flag that Mew a problematic Pokemon and it will not transfer using the PokeTransporter.....unless you utilize the very tedious way of getting it by manipulating Pokemon Red/Blue and making that Mew look legit and transferable to the PokeBank.

This doesn't answer the question though. Draw a link between the glitch in Gen 1 and getting Mew in Pokemon X.
Since no one can take a hint to do more research on their own, here it is:
I am commenting because the asker evidently does not know as much as you do, and so might struggle to make the connection I described. By expecting them to 'do more research', you are simply being unhelpful.