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I know in emerald, you meet all 3 of the mascot legendaries. In B/W, you meet one and catch the other.
But in X, I don’t think Yveltal was mentioned. Nor was Kyorge in Omega Ruby. What about Gen 2 and remakes?

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In all the Johto-based games, you can catch both Ho-Oh and Lugia, though they might require doing a bunch of sidequests post-game depending on which version you play. All the Sinnoh-based games mention all 3 legendaries at some point.
I was more looking for if the main bad guy or rival mentions it. Side quests don’t count.
And I don’t remember anyone mentioning anything about Giratina/Daliga in Pearl, but I may be wrong.
Someone in Celestic Town tells you about the other game's mascot after Cyrus disappears.

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