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I know in emerald, you meet all 3 of the mascot legendaries. In B/W, you meet one and catch the other.
But in X, I don’t think Yveltal was mentioned. Nor was Kyorge in Omega Ruby. What about Gen 2 and remakes?

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In all the Johto-based games, you can catch both Ho-Oh and Lugia, though they might require doing a bunch of sidequests post-game depending on which version you play. All the Sinnoh-based games mention all 3 legendaries at some point.
I was more looking for if the main bad guy or rival mentions it. Side quests don’t count.
And I don’t remember anyone mentioning anything about Giratina/Daliga in Pearl, but I may be wrong.
Someone in Celestic Town tells you about the other game's mascot after Cyrus disappears.
In Swoshi, both the box art legends are prominent. You battle alongside both of them in the Eternatus boss battle, one of Hop’s Pokémon in the post-game is the other Box-Art Legend, along with basically the whole plot of the post-game in general, etc.

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Note that any remakes of these games apply, to the same thing, so I'm not mentioning them unless I need to

Generation 1: No box art legends. The only legendaries are not version exclusive and therefore are mentioned in both versions.

Generation 2: While your versions legendary is mentioned more, you can still catch the other versions legendary in the post-game.

Ruby and sapphire: While your versions legendary is mentioned more, I tjink the opposite legendary is mentioned once by the not evil team when that leader thinks about what could've happened if they summoned their legendary. I could just be stupid though.

Emerald: All of the weather trio is mentioned and obtainable.

Diamond and Pearl: The opposite is mentioned by Cynthia's grandmother, allowing you to add it's data to the Pokedex.

Platinum: Dialga, Palkia and Giratina are all a part of the story and are catchable in the post game.

Black and White: Both Reshiram and Zekrom play an important role in the story, but you can't obtain the other versions legendary. I can't remember if you can get both dex entries in it.

Black and White 2: Kyurem, Reshiram and Zekrom are all part of the story. However, you can't get Reshiram in Black 2 and Zekrom in White 2:

XY and gen 7: No mention of the opposite legendary in the main story. In the postgame of sun and moon (maybe the remakes too) you can see the opposite legendary by going in this portal thingy.

Sword and Shield: Both Zacian and Zamazenta play an important role. However, you can't obtain the opposite versions legendary.

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Remakes of Sun and Moon?
Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.
They’re not really remakes. I class them as... an addition. But that’s just me.