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I'm playing this game for old time's sake and I wanna know if I should pick deino or riolu because I honestly can't decide.

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This isn't really a question in my opinion, since it's in-game it doesn't really matter which one you choose, it seems like you just want people to make the choice for you. I think you should go to our Discord server for things like this, since there is probably no way to answer this correctly since, again, it doesn't really matter what you choose. But, it would be easier for people to decide for you if they knew your whole party.
People generally think it's easier to beat the game with a Riolu because Deino takes a lot longer to evolve.

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Riolu. Can evolve into Lucario. It also has more coverage than Deino’s evolution, and can fit any team as either a special attacker or physical attacker (would not suggest running it mixed), and it has fighting,ground,steel type strong physical moves and can learn good attack boosting moves. It can also learn Ghost, Fighting, Dragon and Dark type strong special moves. And access to Nasty plot and Calm mind.

So Riolu is good and it’s evolution can be made to fit basically any team you use.

Also, Rilou’s evolution can be used for type coverage and given an expert belt to be the strongest Pokémon on your team.