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It will be very, very good if and when Libero releases. Cinderace's offensive movepool is excellent, and Libero is the perfect ability to compliment this.
@Fizz I would doubt that is true in VGC.
I should mention I play singles formats, not VGC.
I’m addition, it also has a great one-time hazard control move in Court Change. This thing’s definitely going to be OU when Libero releases.
Might even get Ubers, considering Pyro Ball, the Steel types in Ubers, and Gen 6 Protean Greninja being in Ubers. :P
Greninja was not in Ubers for its damage output, but for its utility. It'll be pretty bad in Ubers, considering +3 Behemoth Blade OHKOes it, meaning Choice Band Cinderace can't switch in, and Choice Scarf sets can't damage it enough. But Cinderace is OU for sure, because of its offensive movepool with Libero, and good counters such as Barraskewda, Corsola, Runerigus and Excadrill.
A lot of low-tier Pokemon are good in the Ubers format, and a lot of Ubers tier Pokemon (like RSE Wynaut) are bad in the Ubers format. A Pokemon can move to the Ubers tier only if it's broken in OU. Also Cinderace was pretty good in Ubers in the past 2 months. A Pokemon can be good without being able to switch in.

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You didn't tell us the format. So I'll just say it's viable in multiple formats, including Battle Stadium Singles (BSS), OU, Doubles OU, Ubers, Monotype, and National Pokedex OU (NPOU). This is the set it usually uses.

Cinderace @ heavy duty boots/focus sash (BSS)/choice band (DOU)
Ability: blaze
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Jolly nature
- U-turn
- pyro ball
- high jump kick/sucker punch (OU)
- court change/sucker punch (BSS, DOU)