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I'd like to know how you change Necrozma to Dusk Mane, Dawn Wings, and Ultra Form and how to change it back.

Also, in the game, Necrozma fused with Nebby to become Dusk Mane, then turned into its Ultra Form at Megalo Tower. Does it have to be Dusk Mane or Dawn Wings before becoming Ultra when the player has it?

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In order to change Necrozma into Dusk Mane or Dawn Wings, you have to have an N-Solarizer and an N-Lunarizer. You get these items from Colress after you catch Necrozma on Mount Lanakila.
how do you change it back into normal necrozma
I just edited my question to be more specific. Before posting an answer, please specify how to transform Necrozma into each of its individual forms and how to reverse the process. Please avoid long, convoluted answers and try to make them as comprehensible as possible.

Also, I don't need to know where to get the items used for the form changes. I just need to know which ones to use for each form change (please specify whether they're held items or if they simply change Necrozma's form when used on it like Kyurem's DNA Splicers) and how to use them (which button do I press to activate the form change).
It can't be transformed in gen-8, unfortunately.
Deathrider, it can. Bargain guy, who gives you the N-solarizer/lunarizer. He also gives you a beast ball.
EDIT: only if you have necrozma and solgaleo/lunala
Sobbleye, I was talking about Ultra Necrozma
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To change Necrozma into Dusk Mane or Dawn Wings, you need to make it hold the N-Lunarizer or the N-Solarizer. To change it into Ultra Necrozma, you need to make it hold the Ultranecrozium Z.
Ultranecrozium Z is held by Necrozma when you catch it at Mount Lanakila. Colress gives you the N-lunarizer and N-Solarizer in both versions, after catching Necrozma.

Source: Experience (owning Ultra Sun)

> All you have to do is use the Lunarizer/Solarizer again.
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*facepalm*. It's asking how to change it back, too, and both the answers missed it.

All you have to do is use the Lunarizer/Solarizer again.
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Like the others said, you need to use the the stuff Colress gives you on the mountain on your way to the Pokemon league for the first time. At some point in the mountain, you will encounter Necrozma in a crater and appears to be injured. If you interact with it, it will ask if you wanna share your Z power ring with it, or something along that line. Do that and a battle will start against Necrozma and you will be able to catch it this time.

After catching it, Colress appears and gives you some stuff which will fuse Necrozma with either Lunala or Solgaleo. To find either of those two, you need to go to the bridge you went to where you first encountered Lillie and Nebby at the start of the game. Lillie will ask you to take care of Nebby so catch it. Don't worry, if you kill it, it will just instantly respawn. Use the device Colress gave you on Necrozma and it will fuse with the either Lunala or Solgaleo, depending on who you choose. Use the device again to undo the fusion.

To change into Ultra Necrozma, just tap the ultra burst button when Necrozma is in dawn wings or dusk mane form. You can only do this during a battle and the burst button can be found when you are selecting a move. It is where the z crystal button is.

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In Sun and Moon you cannot fuse Necrozma.

In Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon you need to catch Necrozma to get the N-Solarizer and N-Lunarizer. Once you have it, use the Key Item on the appropriate Pokemon. (N-Solarizer is Necrozma and Solgaleo for Dusk Mane Necrozma) (N-Lunarizer is Neccrozma and Lunala for Dawn Wings Necrozma) To get Ultra Necrozma, give the Dusk Mane Necrozma and/or Dawn Wings Necrozma the Ultranecrozium Z, enter a battle, and click the Ultra Burst button. to separate Necrozma, use the appropriate item on them again. (N-Solarizer is for Dusk Mane Necrozma) (N-Lunarizer is for Dawn Wings Necrozma)

In Sword and Shield, talk to the man in Stow-On-Side when you have Necrozma and Solgaleo or Lunala. You will than get the fusion devices. Once you get them, it is the same process for the fusion/separation as Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. Since they removed Z-Crystals however, Ultra Necrozma is unobtainable in Sword and Shield.

Source: Experience

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