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Got a shiny Mewtwo in Wonder Trade it has Unnerve and Timid also its holding a Life Orb. Is this good?

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i mean if it's from one of the wonder trade bots it's most likely going to be competitively viable
I Dunno it says i’s OT os JokersWrath never heard of that one if he is
even if the moveset isn't good, timid nature and a life orb are excellent to start off with
Yay!  Glad you answered nicely the last time i asked about a wonder trade thing the answer was super rude like the person thought i was dumv
It depends what you want to do with this Mewtwo. Do you want to battle other people?
I just might! Hey didn’t youvcomment on another one if ny questions? If i’m right thanks for answering me again hope my questions aren’t dumb ones
What format/rules are you playing with?
I’ve actually necer done it so i wanna try any recomebedations?
Timid Mewtwo is good in 6v6 Anything Goes and Smogon Ubers, although there might not be anyone still playing competitive in USUM.
Ytading still happens do i dunno i’ll have to vheck it out that’s all
Please tell me what IVs and EVs the Mewtwo has. Since it's shiny, has the best nature and its hidden ability, it's probably hacked and would have perfect IVs.
No Lucario you listen you didn’t have to an A hole about it and why the he— is my question hidden?! Everyone else was being cool about it but no not you  honestly if you hate it so much why bother answering?  You clearly have some issue with me
Sorry i was busy getting yelled at by Lucario anyway  he’s got Psychic
Calm Mind
Aura Sphere and Recover i can’t tell EVs ir IVs never learned but it has Unerve andantimid nature
Well it came off as very rude  and i can call em waht i wanna call him not complaining stating that it was ruse how it came iut and ifbit’s a “bad question” why was estionvso sineone had to of done it that’s not fair to do allowed   To go on i didn’t hide my q
Would highly recommend keeping Calm Mind, Aura Sphere, and Psychic. Recover is up to you, I usually run another coverage move instead like Ice Beam, but the two offensive moves it has already should pack plenty of 'punch' after setting up Calm Mind.

Maybe Recover would be strong on a Life Orb set since it gets worn down by the Orb itself, but I'll leave it up to you.

Again, solid pick-up. I'm not yelling at you, just trying to help you learn, all you have to do is have faith in me. I've been here since Black and White were new, I mostly know what I'm doing, I promise.

Also, you mentioned not knowing about EVs and IVs, I would highly recommend reading Fizz's answer to this thread: https://pokemondb.net/pokebase/300894/is-my-understanding-of-ivs-evs-accurate-and-are-they-worth-it?show=300894#q300894 have a nice day
It’s fine if uveanna explain  that stuff  just watch how you say it calling my blindness an”me problem” is OFFENEV and then saying “it’s not our job...”  felt rude  and like u were bullying me a bit we can talk more in chat if u wanna give ne another chance if not that’s ok and i aplogize if i came off as a jerk i’m just sensetic

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Now this is more like it. Pokemon analytics we can do.

As a general rule yes this is good, and yes, sumwun shows up everywhere :) always trying to be on the lookout.

If you're playing with Ubers, which is almost exclusively what people use it with (it's not like it's allowed in any other formats that are accepted as official), this Mewtwo was probably sent to you ready to battle with. Use special attacks, or whatever it knew when you had it is probably good. Sift through some of Pokemon Database's moveset thread for him, or if you think that's too many (I do), you could try Smogon, but they tend to be less appreciative of creativity - sometimes a good thing, sometimes not. Try what you like, but please, keep it a special attacker.

Nice pick-up.

What did it know when you got it, anyway?

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So now your gonna be nice about my agestrions Lucario?  Unless theres two if u  i’m just saying u didn’t hace to be so cold before
Listen, there are certain things that aren't our job to answer and/or we cannot actually answer. We answer questions that are directly related to Pokemon and their history/games. There's no set in stone answer that can be backed up by evidence for your hidden question, and hypotheticals on things that can't actually be measured are mostly discouraged. You can't measure the whole number of people who distribute Pokemon like this.

Of course, anyone could continue them if they wanted to, but why would they? It's old, and the majority of the franchise's audience has moved on to Sword and Shield. Maybe a few exist, but it sure won't be as frequent. The answer was basically the same as one I gave you earlier, but evidently you didn't like it. I don't know what else to tell you; I don't think there's an alternative besides being lucky if you don't tune into a livestream and try to sync up with them.

(The last comment I directed at you on the last thread was simply the truth. I thought about saying "no offense" that last time, but honestly, saying that is useless, so I just kept it blunt. Your last one was more tech-related/random streamer-related that only peripherally pertained to Pokemon, and there was no universal yes/no/maybe so way to answer it unless you were being entirely hypothetical.)
So what moves did Mewtwo have? I'm curious.
Don't accuse people of being A holes or having issues. Lucario didn't do anything to your question. All he/she/it did was explain why it's a bad question. If you want to complain more, then you should do it here. https://pokemondb.net/pokebase/meta/16349/why-was-my-post-hidden-the-mega-thread

As for this question, this is probably the best moveset for 6v6 Anything Goes.
Mewtwo @ leftovers
Ability: Pressure is preferred, but unnerve won't make much of a difference.
EVs: 252 HP / 4 SpA / 252 Spe
Timid nature
- psystrike
- taunt
- will-O-wisp
- recover