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So it hits twice, but does each hit cause a 30% flinch chance?
Does the flinching only occur if Melmetal (some of the worst speed in the game) outspends the opponent?
Does that happen commonly or is double iron bash a bad move in general for Melmetal.

What are you doing with double iron bash? Are you battling other people or in-game trainers?
Against friends
Singles or doubles? Are there any Pokemon, moves, or abilities that you're not allowed to use?
Does one Pokémon really make a difference? And both singles and doubles.

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Double Iron Bash is a great move. The chances of you outspeeding are very low, so the flinching likely won't happen. But here are some reasons on why it is great:

1) 60 base power for a double hitting move means 120 base power, which is very high power.
2) STAB.
3) It's actually a punching move, meaning that it gets boosted futher when melmetal has the Iron Fist ability.

Edit: Trick Room is extremely viable for Melmetal with Double Iron Bash.

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Plus Melmetal has great speed for a Trick Room sweeper, which would allow it to take advantage of the double 30% flinch chance. But even out of TR, Double Iron Bash is a pretty good move for the reasons you have listed.
O your right. Didn’t think of TR setup.
Does each hit have individual 30% chance?
Yes, Ben
Wow. Now if someone skill swapped Jirachi’s ability onto it...
Double Iron Bash has a base power of 60 per hit. :P