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I was thinking ghost, because I’ve been seeing lots of ghost/psychic types in comp.

Ghost is indeed one of the better types.
Fairy and Steel are also really good. :P
It also depends on what other Pokemon you're using. A ghost type might not be the best with other ghost types.
I don’t know completely about competitive, but I’ve been doing a lot of Battle Tower with Silvally and here’s mine:

Silvally @ Fairy Memory

 - Fire Fang
 - Ice Fang
 - Thunder Fang
 - Multi-Attack (Fairy)

That along with a Cinccino and a G-Max Gengar, I have gotten to rank 7 in the Tower.
What format/rules are you playing with?

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Monotype: rock
RU: fairy
NU: water
PU: ground
Silvally sucks in most other popular formats.

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