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I'm using a Milotic and I want it to have a move that deals with those pesky boosters. So what is the comparison between the moves Haze and Dragon Tail? What are their pros and cons to each other? And finally, which one would you recommend?

The Milotic moveset

Milotic @ Leftovers
Ability: Marvel Scale
EVs: 248 HP / 184 Def / 76 SpD
- Toxic
- Recover
- Scald

This is for wifi battles on both oras and usum

Why are you using Milotic? Why are you not using Slowbro, Suicune, or Toxapex?
Use Haze, it's more effective.
Mainly because I got a shiny one.  This one is also on oras so no toxapex and using legendaries is not something I do. Slowbro also doesn't have a move that messes up boosting pokemon so I used Milotic instead

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None. Teach it ice beam.

Ice beam is powerful and allows it to hit Pokemon it normally can't (read: Grass and dragon types). Dragon tail is negative priority, and haze does the exact same role of getting rid of stats but better. Haze is fine I guess, but way better hazers like Toxapex and Galarian Corsola exist. In addition, it needs that grass and dragon coverage to perform well

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Some would say this doesn't answer the question. It would help to explain why Ice Beam is better than both options, at least.
Ice beam is already covered with another pokemon on the team. Milotic's sole job is to mess up boosting pokemon which is why I asked for a comparison instead of a fourth move
As my post says, Toxapex is the superior water type hazer.
I play this on both gen 6 and 7 so it not all the time will Toxapex will be available. Even on gen 7, there will be times where Milotic will do better than Toxapex because of the lineup I choose. I am looking for a comparison on their pros and cons and not which move
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Out of Haze and Dragon Tail, Haze is the better option, to get rid of any Pokemon who try to set up on you. Dragon Tail may make the opponent switch, allowing you to Toxic the next one coming in, but Haze is just much more useful. However, you should teach your Milotic Ice Beam instead- coverage against Grass and a lot of different types is much more useful than both of these.

Why is it better? Aside from the obvious fairy immunity, are there some things haze does that dragon tail doesn't?