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Pls list all Pokemon with just one weakness and any item or move which can help them overcome this one weakness .

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Hey, there are TONS of Pokemon that fit into this category, too many to list out individually. Most Pokemon carry some coverage move or the other. Obviously you can always have HP Ice on any pure Electric type and have it useful against Ground types as well. Or any Water/Ground type with a Flying or Poison move.

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The only way a Pokemon can have no weaknesses (as of generation 8) is if they're a pure electric type and they have one of these:
- Levitate
- Magnet rise
- Air balloon.
Levitate is an ability that makes the Pokemon levitate, allowing it to have no weaknesses Magnet rise makes the Pokemon levitate with magnetic power, removing the one weaknesses. It's the same with air balloon but it's an item.

Also, a pure fire type can use Burn Up to remove their fire type and make them typeless. However, pure fire types have more than one weakness so it doesn't fit your criteria.
list of pure electrics
list of Pokemon that can learn burn up

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Iwanted to know if there was a move or ability to counter sableye's weakness to fairy type .like water counters grass with icebeam
You asked if a pokemon with one weakness could remove their one weakness, not if there was a way to remove the fairy weakness. Therefore, I answered the question.
Somebody please answer this question again .the answer was not very clear .help me . Sorry if it was rude
Well but could any item or move atleast come in handy when fighting a fairy Pokémon
that's not what the question asked.
Actually, he is right. The question asked for a list of pokemon and not a method
ok i added the lists. Also, I meant he didn't ask for a way for sableye to beat its fairy weakness. He asked if any pure typed pokemon with one weakness can remove their weaknesses
From my understanding, he was asking for a list of pokemon that only have one weakness along with something to overcome it, not necessarily get rid of it. The pure electric type with magnet rise was a good example. Elektross or however you spell its name is probably the best example due to levitate and pure electric type and that is something even better than what the guy asked for. I'm not gonna judge your answer because the only thing that comes to my mind is Spiritomb and Sableye
I think the problem is that the question isn't clear. Does "overcome" mean "make the type ineffective", "make the type hit the Pokemon neutrally", or something else? The question never said the Pokemon had to have one type, so here are some more combinations that have one weakness. normal, bug steel, water ground, poison dark
>Pls list all Pokemon with just one weakness and any item or move which can help them overcome this one weakness

The only pokemon with one weakness are pure electric types. Therefore, only electric types can apply to this question
Don't pure normal types only have one weakness too? Along with Sableye and Spiritomb?
you can't remove these weaknesses
@Polteageist So bug steel, water ground, and poison dark all have multiple weaknesses? Which ones? And why can't you remove normal's and ghost dark's weakness when you can give them a Chople or Roseli berry?
Well, I found this


So it would depend on the pokemon on how to deal with its weakness. The thing he said where ice beam allows waters to check grass is unreliable as most pokemon can survive a stab 2x super effective move

The real problem is that this question didn't show what he meant by overcome
@sumwun i forgot them
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Is this what you ment?
-elektross ( with levitate )
-All electric types with either air balloon magnet rise or shuca berry
-scizor/Escavalier (with primordial sea)
-Seaking ( with rindo berry )
-Rotom-Wash ( with rindo berry )
-Drapion/Skuntank ( with air balloon/magnet rise/shuca berry )
-Sableye/Spiritomb ( with roseli berry )
-Groudon/Camerupt ( with shuca berry )
-Arcanine/Emboar/Typhlosion ( using burn-up )

I hope that the berries count to you, if not then most of then aren't legit. hope this helps! I will have missed some sorry!

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emboar will become pure fighting when using burn up. Groudon can have weaknesses if its weather is overwritten
Groudon is also weak to ice and grass if it uses burn up.