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I’ve been stalling for time in the Wild Area when I’m supposed to be saving the world from the Darkest Day. I want a Goomy, don’t judge me.

In all seriousness, I had a lot of trouble in my first playthrough of Shield starting at this time. Ok probably because I was using an Umbreon as my main attacker, but still. I had to reset a few times for Leon and post-game Hop was really challenging for me. I just want to know what I need to do to beat the rest of the game with this team (note that I don’t think I’ll have trouble with Chairman Rose).

Rhydon, holding Eviolite. Level 52. Moves: Hammer Arm, Rock Blast, Earthquake, Fire Fang.

Corviknight, holding a Rocky Helmet. Level 56. Moves: Steel Wing, Retaliate, Brave Bird, Bulk Up.

Toxtricity, holding a Shell Bell. Level 56. Moves: Overdrive, Poison Jab, Boomburst, Snarl.

Cinderace, holding an Assault Vest. Level 57. Moves: Pyro Ball, Double Kick, Flame Charge, Quick Attack.

Gardevoir, holding a Kings Rock. Level 64. Moves: Draining Kiss, Psychic, Energy Ball, Moonblast.

Polteageist, holding a Big Root. Level 56. Moves: Will-O-Wisp, Hex, Strength Sap, Giga Drain.

So, that’s all. Thanks in advance! :)

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what point are you at in the game?
I’m about to go to battle Chairman Rose I think, then go beat Eternamax Eternatus. I can’t quite remember, but I think that’s right.
So you want tips on how to beat the rest of the major trainers/Eternatus before post-game, excluding Rose and Oleana?
Yeah, basically. Forgot I already beat Oleana tho.

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To beat Eternatus, Rhydon would likely be your best bet, as STAB Earthquake is super effective against Eternatus. However, it would need to be levelled up a bit, as Eternatus is at Level 60. Gardevoir would also work, but be wary of SE Poison moves.

Before fighting Leon, level up your team. Gardevoir is at a good level, but I recommend level 65 or so for all team members.

For Leon's Aegislash: Either Rhydon, Cinderace, or Polteageist would be best, as all have super effective STAB moves against it. However, Polteageist is also weak to Aegislash's STAB Ghost moves.

His Dragapult: Gardevoir or Polteageist should do the trick. However, Polteageist is once again weak to the Ghost moves.

His Haxorus: Gardevoir is probably your best bet. Be mindful of Poison Jab.

His Mr. Rime: Cinderace, Polteageist, Rhydon, or Corviknight. Corviknight is weak to its Thunderbolt, and Rhydon is weak to Freeze-Dry, so Cinderace or Polteageist works better.

His Inteleon: Toxtricity, no contest. Be wary of Mud Shot, however.

And finally, his Charizard: Rhydon and Toxtricity have a type advantage, but Rhydon is 4x weak to Energy Ball, so tread carefully. Toxtricity is likely the better of the two options.

Hope I helped!

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don't think rhydon really needs to be leveled up due to eternatus's bad AI, and even if it uses Dynamax Cannon, Eviolite should keep it safe
This reminds me.

I need TRs.
That's fair, Nebby, but err on the side of caution, in my opinion.
Thank you! :)
No problem! Thanks for BA!
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Well the reason your struggling is because you are severely underleveled. At that point in the game your team should be entirely above level 60. Your rhydon is level 52 and your Gardevoir is level 64. That should not happen. If you level up all your Pokemon to at least level 60 you should be fine. Make sure that you battle all the trainers along the routes. Your team is balanced so that is not bad. Hope I helped

Oh, that makes more sense.
Thank you
If I was soooo underleveled....

How’d I beat the game? Lmao
And probably being a good Pokemon player
I beat Cynthia with a level 47 team