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My team in HeartGold:

Ho- Oh (Lvl. 48) (Extrasensory, Fly, Fire Blast, Sacred Fire)
Typhlosion (Lvl. 48) (Quick Attack, Cut, Flamethrower, Fire Blast)
Gyarados (Lvl. 41) (Thunder, Surf, Dragon Pulse, Ice Fang)
SudoWoodo (Lvl. 35) (Rock Slide, Low kick, Flail, Faint Attack)
Mantine (Lvl. 34) (Waterfall, Surf, Attract, Wing Attack)
Corsola (Lvl. 33) (Surf, Ancient power, Shadow Ball, Recover)

Are these Pokemon enough to defeat Lance or should I power up my team?

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Nah, grind up the latter half of your team to at least level 43 and you should be good

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First, put Typhlosion, Mantine, and Corsola in the PC. They share types and weaknesses with your stronger Pokemon. Smaller teams are usually better because they let each Pokemon get more experience and reach higher levels.
Gyarados's physical attack is higher than its special attack, so its physical moves, like ice fang and waterfall, will usually do more damage than its special moves, like thunder, surf, or dragon pulse. Replace one of its special moves with waterfall.
Give Gyarados an exp. share and fill your 3 empty Pokemon slots with random low-level Pokemon. Then challenge the Elite 4.
When Gyarados reaches level 44 and learns dragon dance, forget another special move.
When you defeat the Elite 4, put one of the low-level Pokemon in the first slot and give Gyarados a more useful item, like a never melt ice or Sitrus berry.
Let his Gyarados intimidate and defeat your low-level Pokemon. Send in your Gyarados, use dragon dance until you used it 6 times or your Gyarados is close to fainting, and then attack. Ice fang is stronger against Gyarados and Dragonite, and waterfall is stronger against Charizard and Aerodactyl.
source: a lot of Bulbapedia pages

Thank you, but I managed to defeat Lance with my  old team Gyarados grew to 43 and typhlosion to 50, that made it easy!