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Just wondering, I just got a shiny one with the ability Regenerator (Which is pretty lucky :) )in my Ultra Sun playthrough when I reach Vast Poni Canyon in Alola.
This is it’s set now :
[email protected]/A
Lv: 45
Ability: Regenerator
-Jump Kick
-Knock Off

I’ll change the set my own if it’s worth using, and I think i’m just so lucky :p

Nature is Impish, also

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Overall, I'd say Mienshao is worth using in Gen 7. It has an amazing moveset that allows it to weaken walls (or most Pokémon it general) with Knock Off, can be a Physically-Attacking Pivot with U-Turn, and can get some easy damage first turn with Fake Out. It does have some weaknesses though, which I will cover after the set. Here is the moveset provided by Smogon, and what I believe to be one of the best movesets for the Regenerator Ability:


Mienshao @ Assault Vest
Ability: Regenerator
EVs: 100 HP / 156 SpD / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature / Impish Nature (what you have)
- High Jump Kick (Lv. 36)
- Knock Off (12 Battle Points)
- U-turn (Lv. 41)
- Fake Out (Lv. 13)

With this moveset, Mienshao can take hits decently well, especially on the Special side, thanks to its EVs and Assault Vest. However, the Assualt Vest is only obtained in USUM by getting 48 points in the Battle Tree, so if you don't want to go through that, you could get a Focus Sash (Found In Poni Wilds), or Leftovers (Found via Pickup). The Assault Vest helps deal with threats such as Hydreigon and [email protected] High Jump Kick is an overall powerful move that can OHKO many Pokémon weak to it, like Empoleon and Hydreigon. Knock Off can remove the items of a Pokémon. This helpful against wall like Amoongus, or really any Pokémon with an item that improves their power or longevity. It also is coverage against Ghost or Psychic Types, but if they are Physically Bulky, I'd consider switching out with U-Turn. Speaking of U-Turn, it is helpful to for overall pivoting. As an additional bonus, it gets health back from regenerator. Finally fake out is used to get some easy damage on its first turn it can battle. This can disrupt Pokémon from using certain moves, like Toxic or Calm Mind, that would help achieve their goal. However, this can be replaced by a move like Stone Edge or Poison Jab for more Coverage.

However, your Mienshao has the Impish Ability. While it isn't bad, and can make it take Physical Attacks better, Jolly is usually preferred to give it a speed boost that helps it pull of moves first in a turn. This is especially important for moves like U-Turn.

So overall, I would use the Mienshao, however it's Nature may hold it back some. Unfortunately, there are no mints USUM, meaning you must stick with it. So like I said, it may not be as good as Jolly, but it could definitely be helpful in battle, as it increases it's longevity slightly.

EDIT: I Forgot that you might want a more in-game moveset as well, so here is that:

Mienshao @ Any Listed Above, along with Choice Scarf, Life Orb, or a Z Crystal, like Fightium Z
Abiltiy: Regenerator
EVs: 252 Atk, 252 Spe, 4 SpD
Impish Nature
- High Jump Kick / Drain Punch
- U-Turn / Poison Jab / Stone Edge
- Knock Off
- Fake Out / Poison Jab / Stone Edge

This moveset is somewhat similar. The EVs (which aren't a necessity in-game) can be used to deal as much damage as possible, as quickly as possible. Drain Punch can be used to heal a fair amount while dealing damage. Poison is coverage against Fairy Types, while Stone Edge is for Flying Types (I'd recommend switching if the Fairy or Flying Types being faced are very fast). Stone Edge can also be replaced with Rockslide for better accuracy, along with it being able to hit multiple opponents in the occasional Double Battle.

I Hope I Helped (and congrats on the shiny)!

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He said the nature was impish and unlike swsh you cant change it for USUM
Oh, yeah I just put that in as a preferred option.  I also mentioned later on in my answer, however (sorry if that came out rude).  I'll still edit in the moveset though, thanks :)
Ah, I see. ok!
Thanks! I would train it for sure :)
No problem :)     Good luck with your training!
Now is lv 100 already :)
Oh dang :)
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When it evolves into mienshao, it has awesome stats and awesome moves. A good set for competitive could be:
[email protected] Orb
EVs:252 Attack 252 Speed 4 HP
•High Jump Kick:Incredible STAB
•Stone Edge:Covers Flying
•Poison Jab:Covers Fairy
•U-Turn:Covers Psychic and works great with regenerator.
And congrats on the awesome shiny! I am jealous lol
For in-game, mabye try this:
[email protected]
No point in EV training before ya beat the game
•Jump Kick
•Drain Punch

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hey, it's not early game. He has defeated I believe all 4 kahunas, so he can do that. He probs got enough points
Mienfoo is at vast poni canyon, and that’s early game?
forgot that move tutors are in multiple locations, but there aren't really any held items on pokemon until very very late game :/
doesn't knock off z crystals either
I didn’t know he meant in-game
And I just realized it had poison jab so lemme change that
I mean I don't know what he is specifying either but it would probably best to have a set for in game and competitive
Ok then
Oh dang sniped big time lol