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shouldn't Megahorn be a fighting type move? That would make a lot of sense.

It was also the signature move of Heracross in gen 2

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The move is named after various stag beetles that have very large horns, mandibles, or pincers. They use these to joust for dominance, and therefore breeding rights. When used, they have a tendency to send each other flying.

Megahorn is a conversion of that tactic and behavior into game terms. It is also an unofficial signature move for Heracross in earlier generations

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Edited Pinsir out of the answer because for some reason it actually DOESN'T get Megahorn
And bug types needed some sort off buff to balance out psychic
...Pinsir doesn't get Megahorn anymore???  I know it had it in Gen 1...
Megahorn wasn't even made until gen 2. Tbh I could have sworn other Pokemon can learn megahorn I remember my xerneas from x learned it. I don't remember how tho