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I really like Clawitzer and want to use it. Is it any good? If so, how can I use it well (rain team, trick room team, etc.)? Also include a move set please.

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Gen 8? If so what format?
yes, gen 8 in VGC. Sorry, I meant to put it as a comment.
I don't think there are any good reasons to use Clawitzer instead of Lapras or Milotic.
Hmmmm. Ok then, thanks for the answer! But can you tell me how to use it best (what team to use it on; check the description of this question)?
Milotic and Lapras are tanks, and Clawitzer is a sweeper, so I don’t understand what you mean, @sumwun
Lapras is viable as a sweeper with 3 attacking moves and max special attack.

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Well, it kinda depends. Though it's lack of speed and mediocre HP, Def and SpD kind of kills it, I see some potential on it.
Clawitzier it's a bit close to something similar to a "tank": meant to be slow, but able to deal large damage if it can endure the damage it recieves. Investing IVs on its defenses or health may keep him alive for a while in a match.
Maybe using it with trick room can help, since it's base speed at max level it's 59. I may recomend using moves that take full advantage of its ability, Mega Launcher (which boosts up all pulse and aura moves. This includes moves like Heal Pulse, Aura Sphere, Dark Pulse and Water Pulse); U-Turn's another move you may want to have for him if you need to switch it out while dealing some damage to the foe.
So... yeah, it's decent in my opinion. It's not fast, sure, but it gets part of the job done sometimes. Although not the best water-type to choose, it can do some little or good damage to a foe's defense (experiment with it and see what you can do!)

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The viability of each Pokemon in competitive comes down a lot more than just preference, or 'vision' as it may be.
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No, I do not think it is a good Pokemon to use in competitive. Its stats are not the greatest. But it can learn good moves from leveling up and TMs. But Pokemon like Laprus can learn the same moves and Laprus has better stats. Also I do see it is a water type so here are some great water type Pokemon. Laprus, Blastoise, Poliwrath, Milotic, and Inteleon.
Hope I helped!

Gyarados, Swampert, Greninja, Empoleon, Kyogre, and Suicune are all banned in the current VGC series.
Ok, thanks!
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I feel like saying Poliwrath is better isn't true. A physical and a specail pokemon fill different places. Lapras, it doesn't learn some moves, and I think your overlooking mega launcher. An aura sphere from clawizer has 120 power, meanwhile one from, say, a lapras(can it even learn that?) Would be 80 power. While yes, it is outclassed by things like lapras and milotic, it should be said that clawizer can have a greatereffect than the others if used correctly
Poliwrath and Lapras are worse, Milotic has a completely different niche than Clawizer, its a wall while Clawitzer is a wall-breaker. Only Inteleon and Blastoise should be there.
Blastoise is a shell smash sweeper or bulky staller
So, basically Clawitzer is good but there are better Pokémon? I’m getting a lot of inputs so I’m not sure which one is right.
Yeah (filler)
If you want a slow special water type sweeper CM / Specs Primarina is better imo
I still think Lapras mostly outclasses Clawitzer. Lapras can't learn aura sphere, but it does learn thunderbolt, which is super effective against a lot more threats that resist water or ice. If Clawitzer is better than Lapras if used correctly, how would you use it correctly?
Also, if you want a good water type attacker in general, Urshifu-Rapid Strike, Azumarill, and Rotom-Wash are better. And yeah, so is Primarina. Lapras is also good since it does damage, and provides important defensive utility as well
I felt like you couldn't really use lapras as, say a wallbreaker, and clawitzer would be a better walbreaker, not like a bulky attacker. That's what I meant by "correctly", it would be better in some situations
How is Clawitzer a better wallbreaker? Which walls can you break with Clawitzer but can't break with Larpas?
Cofagrigas(dark pulse0 in NU and ferrothorn(aura sphere) in OU, im sure there are more, but those are examples.
Cofagrigus gets less than 0.2% usage in VGC Series 6.
252+ SpA Mega Launcher Clawitzer Aura Sphere vs. 248 HP / 8 SpD Ferrothorn: 238-280 (67.8 - 79.7%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
252+ Atk Ferrothorn Power Whip vs. 252 HP / 0 Def Clawitzer: 384-452 (110.9 - 130.6%) -- guaranteed OHKO
oh oops I didn't see the vgc part. and you wouldn't be using a full attack adamant ferrothorn would you?
Max physical attack Ferrothorn is common in VGC Series 6. https://www.smogon.com/forums/threads/gen-8-smogon-university-usage-statistics-discussion-thread.3657197/ (note that Series 6 is called "gen8battlestadiumdoubles" in the stats for some reason)
Why are we talking about Ferrothorn now
The sm person said that Clawitzer is good at checking Ferrothorn, and I think it's not.
I was under the impression that it had higher specail attack. So I agree with sumwun now, don't use it other pokemon are better
ok, thanks. Rip Clawitzer. But doesn’t the Kalos elite 4 member use him? I have his sync pair in masters. Doesn’t that make him at least kinda good?
Masters is different from VGC. Some Pokemon can be useful in Masters but useless in VGC.
That’s not what I meant. I meant that the Kalos elite 4 member uses him, doesn’t that make him kinda good. I said masters cause I have his sync pair in masters, and that is how I know that he has a Clawitzer.
The game designers can give Elite 4 members whatever Pokemon they want. There's no rule saying that Elite 4 members need to use good Pokemon.
Yeah, I guess you’re right. Thanks for helping!