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I was looking at a type advantage chart and saw that a Ground type move should cover my Typhlosion's weakness, Rock, and I was wondering one of my moves is worth deleting for Earthquake. My current moveset with my Lvl.55 Typhlosion is Quick Attack, Thunderpunch, Iron Tail and Flame Wheel (soon to be Flamethrower). I am just about to fight the Elite Four so I can't go to Kanto just yet, I would replace Quick Attack but it's my go-to move for grinding exp for its high PP... what should I do?

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What is the rest of your team?
I’d say yes because of Koga but we don’t know your team yet so
lvl 24 Jolteon (tail whip, Sand attack, growl, quick attack),  lvl 44 Gyarados (surf, bite, hydro-pump), lvl 25 pidgeotto (fly, whirlwind, gust, quick attack) lvl 41 suicune ((cut, surf, whirlpool, waterfall,)HM-slave but still pretty strong) and Bellsprout lvl 25 (sleep powder, stunspore/Giga drain after E4, sludge bomb, wrap/razor-leaf/solar beam after E4)
Maybe this is a silly question, but...  how, exactly, are you able to use Quick Attack as your go-to move?  It only has a BP of 40.  On a level 55 Pokemon that's not exactly a useful damage output.
It has got priority of +1, which means that it would activate before most moves, and it'll help in revenge killing weakened threats also.
Even a weakened threat is hardly ever killed by Quick Attack, and Typhlosion is already quite speedy, too.

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You should replace Iron Tail. It too covers your Rock weakness, but it's far more unreliable for the same amount of damage that Earthquake does. Plus, Earthquake can help out against Koga, Lt. Surge, Janine, Blaine, and random trainers elsewhere, while Iron Tail doesn't help against nearly as many opponents. You also currently don't have any other good Ground moves on your team.

Hope I helped!

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Thanks man :) Btw whats the best moveset for a vitreebell (i already have a leaf stone) because you seem pretty smart about pokemon
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Victreebel @ anything
- Cut
- Giga Drain / Razor Leaf
- Sleep Powder
- Filler

Giga Drain/Razor Leaf are STAB, Cut is an HM, Sleep Powder makes it easier to deal with opponents, and anything for the last move. You don't need Poison STAB because you have Typhlosion, and Victreebel works better as utility than a full attacker due to Cut, Sleep Powder, a shallow movepool, and a relatively low BST.
Leaf blade and chlorophyll don't exist in gen 2.
Oops, I was looking at the HGSS learnset.