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typing, bulk, and I need help against Dreyden and Marlon

also movesets (no items or evs, for playthrough)

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Why are you not using Braviary?
Why no items? They'll help you win.
Isn't Braviary a white 2 exclusive? I'm playing white 2 rn and I was able to catch it

Although if the asker is playing white 2, then he or she shud definitely go for Braviary. It can be caught in the desert directly to the east of some rich kid

If these two are really the only options, I wud say Swanna. Drifblim is destroyed by the elite four and while Swanna ain't gonna be much better, at least it doesn't instantly die to two of them
Swanna can also be useful as an HM mule
not using braviary because i already grinded swanna and driftblim

and no items because i have items already
In that case, why don't you use both of them?
i already have swanna as a flyer

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Swanna is better than Drifblim.

Availability: Mid Game, Marvelous Drawbridge (shadow)
Stats: Ducklett has horrible stats until it evolves into Swanna, who possesses decent Atk, SpA and Spe.
Typing: Water and Flying STAB is almost unresisted in the game.
Movepool: Shallow. However, Ducklett comes with Bubblebeam and can be instantly taught Fly. You also get the Surf HM not long after obtaining it. You can teach it Ice Beam late-game to have coverage against Dragon-types.
Major Battles: Fails horribly against Clay due to Ducklett's horrid stats. Takes down Iris's Dragon-types easily with Ice Beam. It also doesn't hit hard enough to sweep Marshall. Average in most battles.
Additional Comments: Ducklett's stats are horrible and it will get KOed back most of the time. While Swanna has decent stats, it still lacks power, especially if it doesn't hit the opponent Super Effectively.


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a. white 2
b. i beat clay and skyla
c. you get best answer because the elite 4 is driftblim's nightmare