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Sorry, I totally lost count but while watching the anime, each nurse joy and officer jenny say that they have sisters and cousins.
I get that they all look the same (WEIRD/CREEPY), but how many are there exactly in each gen? and if possible what are their partner Pokemon?

I don’t know the exact number but atleast one I can say for sure.
I'm assuming your only talking about the one's shown on screen right?
I'm talking about the ones shown on screen and maybe mentioned in a photo or something
usually at least once they show a photo of all the sisters/cousins per region (i think... i seem to recall one in unova for the jennys, georges and joys)
yeah I just wanna know how many there are
They have to add a new pair of each for each region Ash goes to, plus some more for the little filler villages and towns that don't feature in the games
I think there's at least 50 nurse joys, but I am unsure how many officers are there.
Idk if this is my imagination, but there was like that one xy episode where it showed an obscene amount of nurse joys. Is this like legit, or am I remembering wrong

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The anime is based on the Core series, and nurse Joy referring to the Pokemon center lady And how each new city that Ash and the others have visited there is a nurse Joy and most of the time an officer jenny or even multiple to be precise, I have come to a conclusion that there are indeed 50 Nurse Joys just like one of these comments said, and through the different images and brock being able to tell the officer Jenny's apart, there are 54 Officer Jenny's
50 Nurse Joy's
54 Officer Jenny's
This is all purely from the anime.

If you are questioning what Pokemon each of the Officer Jenny's had or which Pokemon each of the Nurse Joy's had here they are
Nurse Joy: Chansey, Blissey, Audino, Wigglytuff, Comfey, and Indeedee
Officer Jenny: vast variety I'll just state some that appeared more than once, Growlithe, Arcanine, Stunky, Manectric, there are lots of others but there are just too many.

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How did you arrive at those numbers?
Well, counting, there aren't that many.
You went through every episode of the anime and counted the number of Nurse Joys and Officer Jennys?
With the power of Bulbapedia, it really isn't that hard, but yes