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Black 2 and White 2 are the only Pokemon games I own where the game will still add in game hours when the ds is closed. For example, earlier this morning I turned on my ds and saved my game, as I realized I hadn't done this recently. The time on the game was 19:01 (I was at the Virbank Complex, so this is further evidence of this, I did not spend 20 hours to get to Virbank city.) Couple minutes ago I opened my ds again and attempted to save again, having not played at all in between. Clock said 21:28.

Is this a common known fact? This happens on both copies of this game that I own. I don't have the og BW to test this on.

Game Freak logic
I'm also asking how
Probably because the game is still on and running. You're not really supposed to keep your system on and just close it when you're done playing.
Not a single other game of mine on the ds does that. I have Diamond, X, SMUSUM, and this is the only game that does it
Ahhh that's it make that an answer that's why it only happens sometimes. Ah that makes a lot of sense

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Ht if you want to answer this plz do just wanted to take it off the unanswered list.

It was because I had the C- Gear on, and when the C-Gear is on it prevents the game from going into full sleep mode, and the game still plays while the ds is closed, even if the screen is black.

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