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I know that Pokemon cannot be made to hold key items during regular gameplay, but what would happen if you hacked a Pokemon in so that it was already holding a key item when you obtain it? Would you be able to take the item from it, use the item & play the game normally, or are there measures in place such that something would go wrong if you attempted?

I vaguely remember someone trying to do this in the chat room (might've been Ty?) a year back. They were hacking the Shiny Charm onto a Pokemon in USUM; I don't think they were able to remove the item (or do anything with the Pokemon) but I'm not completely certain.
I know that in Gen 3, if a Pokemon holds a key item, the item can be removed and will then appear in the key item pocket. That might have changed in more recent Gens, though, as Amethyst points out.
Huh, ok. I left it open-ended intentionally for the gen mostly out of curiosity, but I'm most interested in Gen 4 in particular if anyone has info on that.
Whenever I hack key items onto to Pokémon ds-3ds era, it lets me take the item. If the item is in the generation but not in the game, it’ll have the description while in the bag but remain unusable. I haven’t tried items that aren’t in a generation, though. It also wouldn’t let me trade the Pokémon holding the shiny charm (gen 7). This is what X remembers lol

I’ve done the shiny charm, poke radar, and eon ticket, a few other event items too. I can’t prove the shiny charm worked, but I got 4 full odds shinies within like 10 hours of gameplay (oak challenge)

Let me know if this is a good enough of an answer; I can add the exact examples and times I did this

I won’t be able to test past 3ds era. My hacking software is good, but it only supports gens 3-7 as of right now. If there’s anything in particular you’re curious about within those gens, like any specific items, lmk
For what it's worth Felix, I attempted to do this on Platinum like 10 years ago and I BELIEVE it gave all my Key Items quantities, with said duplicated item having multiple. I don't remember what it was that I used in the experiment, and I definitely didn't proceed any further with what the items did because the game crashed if I tried.
Have you done this for every gen 3-7, Smoothie? If you have, that's an answer enough for me, you seem like you definitely know what you're talking about.

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The answer is you can take the item normally, no issues. Tried it for myself, just clearing up the unanswered queue at this point.

I totally forgot to answer this